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Bought a toshiba Satellite with XP
it originally had Vista on it,..... the person i bought it from put XP home, and of course you already know problems arose,.... everything seems to work ok to my surprize, but HD audio Bus will not install so i have no audio, ive repeatedly tried to uncover the drivers, but have had no luck,.. any advice ? the xp i have is build 2600 sp3 gdr 101209-1647 installed (not my doing) i do have a student version of windows xp pro from Berea college, havent tried anything as of yet other than searching for drivers, is it possible to get the sound working on this laptop without having to go back to vista? Thanks for your help in advance
need to know the full model number of that tosh so i can check up what sound card it has.

HD sound only works with the UAA installed but i can see from your version of xp that it came with SP3, this is a big no no with some sound cards when downgrading and maybe the reason why your sound won't install,

Found a post on this forum that fixed me up, i guess i posted prematurely, thanks for the help tho, awsome forum you have here. I look fwd to frequenting here.

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