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Unknown Device in Device Manager
Hello there,

First of all, thank you - I've already solved one problem using this site (EDUP WiFi card messing me about - found a link to EDUP on your site, and it's now sorted :D)

Now, onto the next one...

I have an "Unknown Device" showing up in Device Manager. Seeing as a fresh OEM install of Windows XP has recently been done, I went to the Sony website and installed all the drivers I could find on there. No joy.

The information I'm hoping will help:

Sony Vaio PCG-FR315B
Windows XP (SP3) 32-bit

Unknown Device: Device Instance ID: ACPI\WEC0515\5&35DFDBC8&0

Many thanks

checking that device on google comes back as countless things but more sound card ( sis ) then anything else

so quick question is your sound working ?

did you install the Original Drivers Package listed here ?


if not please do so make sure you load all parts to a muti card reader if your laptop supports more then one type of memory card make sure that all drivers are installed.
ACPI is used by windows to shut off power devices in the pc , hard drive , cdrom e.t.c

trying to find out what this device WEC0515 is proving a little hard.
i will continue to look and if i find any info i will let you know
Dave, have you seen where installing the Chipset driver can often find the "unknown device".
yeah seen that but this laptop is using a ATI chipset, should have been covered by chipset / video install if his loaded the driver direct from sony

Problem Background:

Here is my situation which has a similar unknown device and how I solved it. I have a Sager machine "(SAG168168) Intel 845E" it tells me this name in the "Software Information for Windows (SIW)" application. The machine is not physically very well labeled so I don't know the exact model number.

The unknown device in device manager running windows XP is ACPI\WEC0515\4&1DBF7EAE&0.

Problem Solution:

After searching and trying various things I found that sp24430.exe
installs the right driver for XP.

You can download it from here:

After install the device shows up as "Winbond SD Card Reader" and is
working properly.
Thanks Slinkydog, it all adds to the knowledgebase. Clap

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