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Packard Bell MH36 Video Driver issue XP
Hi. Ive been busy with a Packard Bell Easynote Hera G notebook. The model seems to be the MH36. After downgrading to XP Pro SP2 I successfully managed to load sound,Chipset,wireless LAN and Wired ethernet drivers. This was accomplished mostly by following the threads posted by previous users. Here's my issue. Every time I try loading the video driver the setup tells me that my system does not meet the requirements. I even tried loadinga patched Directx 10 package but to no avail.
Need any more spec or info?

The video chip is Intel GL40/GM45/GM47/GS45 Chipset-Graphics Controller 0 [B-3] according to EVEREST Ultimate (trail)

Thanx a Mill
as your sound is now running its safe to upgrade to SP3 for windows xp and i would advise you do this then run the web install of direct x


that GFX does not support direct x 10, its really for direct x 9

once you have done that use the auto detect at intel it should point you towards any missing drivers both in the INF and gfx

for information the full model number of that P/B system will be on a sticker on the underside.
Thanx. Will try this and return with feedback.
Hi Dave.

I upgraded to SP3. I then rolled back my directx to the 9.0c version and logged onto the intel site for hardware/driver detection. Still the site cannot detect which gfx chipset I have on this board. it seems to find most of the other components but never the gfx. I then tried running the Directx web setup to see if there are any dll's or something which would make a diferrence to this situation but the setup returns this error:

A cabinet file necessary for installation cannot be trusted. Please verify the Cryptographic Services are enabled and the cabinet file certificate is valid.

Nevertheless I attempted to install the '' winxp 14324.exe'' intel graphics driver but still get the same error about my system not meeting the minimum requiremens.

Last night I downloaded the schematic for the motherboard. The north bridge is a SiS M672 and the gfx chip branching off that is a SiS307ELV. Does this mean anything to you? The south bridge is a SiS968. Here its called a PE1 mainboard. is this correct?
something not right here.
the SiS M672 has the built in mirage GFX.

ok think we need to pin this computer right down to its hardware core.

can you post its full model number as printed on its sticker.
then download the very newest version of everest which is now called AIDA64


as that is the most up to date version of the software use that to gain access to the full model number of your motherboard.

please let me know what it tells you.
Ok. Now since I downloaded everest the same day I sorted my last reply I'm assuming its the latest version. (although you know what they say about assumptions). Anyway the point is that the info I'm getting from everest seems to be 100% accurate. And according to that info Im busy with a PE2 mainboard not a PE1. That invalidates my previous post as I think the PE1 board is the MH35. Anyway, the chipset on the MH36 is most definately the intel chipset. To solve this confusion I've created a html report using everest which gives every single spec imaginable about this machine in one simple to read format. (thumbs up for everest. I didn't even know it existed till I visited your website). The file is over a meg big but zipps down to 116k. Is there anyway I can get this to you? After reading through this report i can see that there is no way I could confuse you by feeding you with incorrect spec.
Another thing is that Im wondering has anybody managed to load the gfx driver for this board, on this os, in the past?
you can send it to me by email, if you have zipped it up just click the contact us link on the bottom of the forum and that will give you the sites main email address.

there is one thing you can try as well

go to packard bells site

find your model in the downloads, its under the following
notebook , easynote , tick show all models , en mh36

they only support vista however download vista's intel driver set for the GFX
fully unpack that driver in to a folder on your desktop
open device manager, right click on the problem display, then select update driver
follow the wizard till it wants to auto search, click you will choose what driver to install, then click browse, now browse to the unpacked intel folder, and open the driver folder

then highlight any file and click next

if windows finds the files it needs it will load up that driver from the folder.

that way you bypass the intel setup and give windows the info it needs
i know this is the pcakard bell vista driver but i also know intel have a habbit of doing one driver fits all versions of windows and the files needed by xp may well be sitting inside that intel / driver folder
Hi Dave.

I,ve downloaded the vista driver. I'll have to try the driver update when I visit the owner as I have returned the notebook to him as he has to use it to get his work done. He doesn't use any graphic intensive software so at least he is able to work while I try and solve this issue. i just want to ask something that might sound ridiculous but I'm curious. can I MAKE xp install the 32 bit vista driver by removing something from the setup file or editing a sys fie or an inf file or something of the sort?
no you can't do it by the setup file at all as that is for vista.
the way i listed above will bypass the vista self install and let windows see the unpacked driver files direct

if windows can use any of those files to get the gfx working it will.

the only thing to remember when doing a manual install from the update driver option is not to click the self install at any time as it will just fail.
pointing windows to the unpacked driver files is the best option really

Cool. Thanx a mill. Will try this evening (GMT+2) and give you feedback tomorrow.Cheers!

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