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i'm looking for a bios & manual
i've a obsolete pc thats i've use with ubuntu 6.10, and i'm looking for the updated bios manual, and all what i can find for this obsolete but work motherboard.
Azza PT-6VAX2
usually i use with linux, but if i can find all driver for windows too, i'll very happy to make this pc work like muletto.
Can u help me the azza site is off and i find bios but not for this version of motherboard.
A big THANK U from Italy.
Tommaso Lolli

P.S. If u need help to other bios, drivers or something in this kind of thing tell me i do it for hobby, from 1988, and know this work very well.
azza went bust some time ago now and all links to the manual / bios have gone dead.

the board is based on the Via Apollo Pro 133 chipset and drivers for that can still be downloaded direct from via.

from what i can see left on the net this board does not have onboard video or sound so you will have to post back with what video card you have in the system and what sound card as they both should be plug in cards.

now to be honest the only place you may get a update bios file would be from esupport but be warned if they do offer you a bios file they will charge for it and to be 100% honest if you take in to account the age of the board paying for a bios file is not worth it.


thanks for your offer .... 1988 oh your still a baby ... i have been doing this for more years then i care to mention...

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