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CA-50 USB-Serial cable driver
Hi there.

Does anybody perhaps have a download link for the CA-50 USB serial data cable driver (For XP). It fits the Nokia 1680c, Nokia 1208 and a host of low-end nokia phones.
As I understand this driver must be loaded with the cable and a com port is assigned to the connection which then allows pc-suite to communicate with the phone via that com port.

nokia build the usb driver in to their software.
you have to run the software first then plug the phone in.
make sure your online at the time of plugging the phone in as the software will check nokia if it don't under stand the

as you want to deal with the early range of phones it should be supported by the nokia pc suite.
you can download that free from here

later models need the newer ovi suite http://www.nokia.co.uk/support/product-s...d-download
just in case your still stuck and after a long while poking around at nokia site i found the download page for just the cables.


one of those two should slove the problem if the software does not auto find it.
Thanks. Have downloaded the driver. I see its listed as a Xp and Vista driver. I'm running Win7 32bit. Will give it a go first and return with feedback.
windows 7 should load the vista driver without moaning that much that is part of its selling point, well so microsoft say but i have had problems with windows 7 and vista drivers myself.

if it won't load use the compatibility wizard and tell it vista.
how to find and use that wizard can be found here.
Will a belkin wireless adaptor work with a Net Gear router, cos' a friend of mine is with aol and has been supplied with an Netgear router. The two are not communicating, and aol says he has to get a Netgear usb adapto
rubbish the belkin will work with any router as long as the settings are correct.

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