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Vista Update Error 80072EFE
Okay I did something very foolish tonight Davey and took XP off my computer and put Vista back on, and plz don't ask me why! Anyway, I got it all on here okay, I think anyways, and now when I try and do the updates it's tellin' me it can't update, and when I try myself I get the error 80072EFE. I have looked everywhere for a solution and came up with nothing, do you know anything about this error and how I can update this stupid thing?
why the hell are you running vista ?

my god its the worse O/S since windows ME even microsoft have admitted ok we got it wrong
make sure you have downloaded and installed the vista service packs or you will get errors such as this as microsoft have stopped support for anything below vista service pack 2
so make sure this service pack is installed on your pc

if that won't install and moans it needs service pack 1 first you can grab that from here


that should sort the problem out
Because I don't have the $$ to get 7. I couldn't get anymore help with XP and to come back to Vista until I can afford to get 7. I'm broke as a window, so right now I'm tryin' my options til I can get something else done with my computer.

I am doin' the Service pack 2 (downloading that is)

I found a site for this error and said to check the sectors of the hard drive which I did and it came back with nothing. Which is good. But I just can't get this damn thing to update! GRRRRR Computers and I just don't mesh!
xp is not stopping support till april 2014 who told you otherwise ?

i am still using and will continue to use xp over windows 7 for a long time yet as windows 7 just like vista is too bloated and system hungry for my taste

is ok micorosoft bringing out IE9 for windows 7 but have you seen it ?
my god you might as well use oprea as they look almost the bloody same expect that oprea knocks the hell out of IE9 on speed alone
I was able to install SP 2, and then it went to the updates, everything was goin' fine, and then it came up with this:

Some updates were not installed

Failed:86 Updates
Review important updates
Review optional updates

Error(s) found:
Code 80072EFE Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

GRRRRRRRRR, please just shoot me.
right is your net stable or is it dropping ?

is the time and date correct on your pc ?

a unstable connection to the net will cause this as will a pc with the time and date set wrong
also reset windows update
this is a bit of heavy reading for you i know but it does a good job of telling you what to do

Yes internet is stable, no droppin' like that. I did have a problem with the time when I first got Vista back on my computer, but now it's right on the settings it should be as well as the right time for here. I don't know what is goin' on, but I know I can't go bk to XP now.
that sounds like the truck i have been waiting for this morning.

my new car is here Grin brb i just need to slap the button to open the gates.
thank god i am alone this morning
check the link i gave you above and reset vista
I just got readin' what I needed to know. So is the suprise still on??? If I can get these updates to work and my stupid Vista programs to work right, do you want me to get on Chat and we can have a more personal conversation instead of on the forum?
nah its ok, i need to get off the forum for a while i have some boring paper work to do now and part with some money, yes the suprise is still very much on as i am sitting here alone.

my god if i was not the over excited screaming that would be going on right now would drive me crazy

oh wonderful nice new car with no dents what so ever lol
been out for a nice long drive.

just have to wait till winter to see if the roof tiles fall on this one.

not seen someone else since the screaming and grabbing of the keys to their new little jeep oh the peace and quite, i bet you a million pound someone is shoe shopping in the capital.

worse part is paying for two new cars, i am poor now.


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