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video controller (VGA Compatible)
i need a driver for my laptop coz i cannot play games ... Dynabook Satellite 1860 SA170P/5

Model name:Satellite 1860 System Unit
Model No: PS186N-0636F
this seems to be a jap model.

try this driver with your video card

please note this is the xp driver

support for that laptop needs to be translated but the main download site can be found here
sir why is it that i already run the program but i cannot read the language while i am installing the software ??
its because its a japanese model.

As i have found out over the years that these models do not like a english driver, they only seem to run with the japanese drivers they shipped with.

then why should i do ?? i want to play games here in my laptop ... help pls sir ???
i can tell you jow to install that jap driver

double click the downloaded file, it will start a pre set unpack program.
just click the word ok, it will unpack in to a folder on your desktop named display

go in to device manager.
look down the list for your video card, it will be listed under display with a yellow ! or ? next to it if it had a problem.
right click the mouse on that and select update driver.
windows will now open a wizard and want to auto search for a driver, tel it no not this time click next
on the next screen select install from a list then click next
on the next screen put a tick in the box inculde this location in search, then click the browse button that lights up.
browse to the folder named display on your desktop and open it,
then click next
windows will now look inside that folder for the driver files and load up what it needs.

the other option is to try and load a english driver but that might fail to install on a jap model, plus i can't see what this video card is as i can't translate that part of the tosh site so the only way to find out is to use everest.

if you download everest corporate trail from here and install it on the problem laptop.

run that program.

with the program running look in the left hand list for display, click the little plus next to it then click GPU
post back with the details that everest gives you as it will list the display gpu inside that laptop.
i will then see if i can find a english driver for you.
still nothing happens in the device manager ... also in the everest ... it doesn't give any details about on the GPU
ok please read this link and find the device id string as listed by windows for the gfx card

Device Instance Id

ok thats the Trident Cyber blade GFX card.

I am sorry to tell you that this card will not be able to play up to date games, its 3D is very limited by todays standards

you can try this toshiba driver from another one of there models it should work with your model without a problem.

windows xp with service pack 3 installed will auto support that card as the driver is also listed on the windows update page as found here.

still have a question mark on the video controller on the device manager .. i want only to play warcraft frozenthrone .. is it possible that i can play that kind of game ??
I am sure this model is refusing the drivers because its a jap model.
there is one more thing you can try.
run windows update over and over till your version of windows is fully up to date.

once that is done do the following

go online
then go in to device manager, right click on the problem card and tell it update driver, allow windows to auto search, when asked make sure you allow it to search online.

from what i can see of the min system specs needed to run that version of warcraft you video card is below what is needed.
if the game did manage to run it would be very slow with picture scrolling problems.

min system needed can be found here.
my windows is not an original one ...
if your windows is not a original copy then there is nothing that can be done as you need the service packs installed and they will not install on a illegal copy of windows.

I am sorry to say no matter what site you vist they will all tell you the same thing and that is you must have a original copy of windows installed.
service pack two was done to shut down illegal copies of windows but without it a large chunk of updates and newer direct x along with the drivers that need the newer direct x support will not install or run.

awtz ... so sad ... i can't fix my problem :'(
you can ask round your friends and ask if any of them mind you using their illegal copy of windows on your laptop
other then that its a case of pick up a copy of windows xp off ebay.
or online such as this http://oem-store.biz/products/Microsoft-...l-SP3.html

the price of windows xp is starting to rise as people know they can now make money from it.
xp is still the most used O/S and microsoft have been a bit foolish in stopping sales so early
if i buy an original windows ???what should i buy, windows xp sp2 or sp3 ??
as you do not have HD sound i would go for the most up to date version windows xp 32 bit with service pack 3

there is still about 1 gig of updates to do once that is installed but it does cut down alot of visting windows update just to get the machine up to date

are you sure that if i buy an original OS i can play 3d games ???
you will still not be able to play a game such as warcaft even with a new windows xp install.

the reason being that old GFX in your machine is just not up to the job, the hardware used by sony inside that machine is really meant for a office machine more then anything else.

one thing about laptops as well and that is you can't upgrade the video cards they are built on the motherboards this lowers the cost of building but limits the amount you can upgrade them when they become old.


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