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video controller (VGA Compatible)
then so my mission will be failed ... hahahaha .. aniweiz thank you very much for your info ...
its me again sir ... i already have a windows xp sp2 only but it is original copy .... what should i do now ???
now keep using windows update and bring that copy fully up to date.
windows update does hold the driver needed for your video card and it will at some point be listed under a hardware update as your going along.

the only thing that again might stop this from loading is because its a jap model, if that happens and you still can't use the gfx i will try and get hold of you on msn messenger and i will try and force load the jap gfx driver myself by remote.

I am in hopsital at the moment as i have just had a major operation on my leg but even so i am still around so if you get problems i will try and sort something out with you so i can remote in to that laptop and find out what is going on.
oh really sir ??? i hope that you will suceed in your operation on your leg ... anyweiz thank you so much for helping me .. i hope that we can solve my problem ... as long as you help me
that is the old Trident CyberBLADE what windows do you want to run this card on ?

iam getting error in installing of intel graphics,

Error is This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software,

kindly help me na wht should i do now ?
that error normally means you have loaded the wrong driver or you don't have a intel gfx.

can you post back with the make and model of your pc / laptop
and what version of windows your running.

you can also call up the system gfx idstring as listed in device manager.
more on how to do that can be found here.

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