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having serious trouble with this webcam, tried many of the drivers posted but no joy, it's showing installed and working but freezes every webcam program i've tried, i'm running windows 7...this is my last hope!....and if this fails i will blend the cam and upload the footage to youtube!

cheers in advance...
have you managed to get any sort of picture at all from this cam ?

because it sounds like its crashing the moment windows powers it on.
(06-21-2011, 11:40 AM)davey6 Wrote: have you managed to get any sort of picture at all from this cam ?

because it sounds like its crashing the moment windows powers it on.

nope, no image....the led's power up but it crashes every program i've tried it in...thanks for your reply

ok just to rule out power shortage and blocking by a program

remove the driver from the pc and then restart the system.

shut down any firewall and anti-virus , anti spyware programs you may be running.
then reinstall the driver
plug the cam in to a main usb port, these are the ones on the back of your pc just under the mouse and keyboard ports.

see if you then get a picture.

the most up to date driver that i can find at sonix direct is this one,2
driver removed and rebooted, disabled the antivirus, installed the software - driver installs and all looks good until the programs attempt to use the webcam, skype, youcam, logitech vd HD even the crappy 325 usb all freeze (not responding).......

thanks for your help
ok to see if its windows 7 being well windows 7 or if the cam its self is at fault.

if possible try the cam on another pc with windows xp installed and see if the cam runs, if it don't then i am pretty sure its faulty.

just tried installing it on vista, the software (your link) installed 'fully' detects the cam when plugged in on the taskbar - yet no image, also noticed that when i touch the case of the webcam the leds flicker, suggest a fault me thinks? 3 hours of my life i aint gonna get back but least they refunded!

cheers again
oh, i uninstalled the software on the vista system and tried to plug n play the cam, it's searched online for a driver but named it V-Gear Talk Cam Messenger Pro - it's not freezing any of the webcam software, you cam etc but still no image - and the flickering has stopped!??

when can i blend the cam?
i think you have a faulty cam there.

you can always rip the back off the thing and check its chip number just in case we are barking up the wrong tree with the chipset.

how to do that and what to look for can be found here.

you really don't want to know how much of my life has been wasted testing faulty hardware.
even brand new out the box stuff i have found to be dead.

chipset shows SONIX SN9C3258FG......i think it's ready for the bin fella, cheers for all your help, thanks
agreed you have done all you can with that cam even trying it with the newest set of drivers direct from sonix themself's.

ready for the trash can
thanks once again for all your help

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