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Visioneer 4800 scanner & Vista
sp2 has updated the driver list inside vista and it now knows this driver being installed is for windows xp.

download the driver from visioneer.

right click on that driver and select run as admin and see if that allows it to install.
if it don't use the Compatibility Wizard on that downloaded driver.
tell it windows xp sp1

I no longer have this scanner or i would test it for you with vista sp2 , mine went fizz bang pop a while back.

if you have installed the paperport software remove it fully from the pc,
get the main driver installed first then install paperport with the Compatibility Wizard again telling it xp sp1
My Visioneer 4800 installed OK on VISTA, (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi2515 laptop) and worked fine with the downloaded driver, (although I think that Vista has a XEROX driver for it too, because after SP2 it listed a XEROX 4800). I put SP2 on, and now, whist it appears on Control Panel scanners and device manager, and "bomps" when I plug it in, no applications can access it. There are no options for XP SP1 on compatability, so I have had to use W2000. I must admit that I haven't been right through the sequence you set out long ago. It still works fine on a W2000 laptop, using the same driver. A real pain, as my wife regrets this time expended on the computer( and so do I, really)
the little known fact is the XEROX is a brand name of visioneer.
the scanner listed by vista is the same one, its still the visioneer 4800.

the problem part may well be paperport, that software must be installed on vista as it holds the scanner twain software that is accesed by all other programs, word, photo programs e.t.c
if you have not done so already, install paper port in compatibily mode xp or win 2k
Yes, I have Paperport installed im w2K mode, and it was working before. It brings up scan manager, which is one option on the "select source" menus. The Visioneer is also an option, and used to bypass scan manager and go to a simpler selection. Both these options seem to send the programs into a long think, ending in a lockup or can't access scanner. I use Paperport, Irfanview and Impact colorfaxlite for scanning, and all used to work before I installed SP1 & SP2.
just sitting here thinking about this problem and the trouble i had getting it to work in the first place.
i no longer have this scanner as it went pop along time ago so can't test my idea's out.

the biggest pain the butt when getting this scanner to work was the vista firewall it kept blocking access to the driver, and going by your post i wonder if that is what has happend here.

sp1 when it came out changed the way that firewall worked, it stuck its nose in less but blocked more then it should.
sp2 changed core o/s of vista and put alot of hardware on the scrap heap.

what you can try is fully uninstall the printer driver, paper port the lot.
restart the pc.
shut down the vista firewall, ( contro panel )
shut down any anti-virus anti-spyware and any third party firewall then try the install again.

i some times wish i had a endless supply of hardware that when a problem like this comes along i can sit with a mug of coffee and a few hours trying this and that to get it running.
Would anyone be able to send me a copy of the installation disk for the Visioneer 4800 Scanner? I'm in the UK. I've had to re-install everything and I can't find the disk anywhere. I've got the drivers from the Visioneer website but need the other stuff, Paperport etc. I'm running Windows XP. Many thanks in advance.
i do have that disk i will take a look in my pile in the morning for you.
i can then upload it to this site and you can download it and burn it to your own disk.
check back in about 14 hours time and i should have had time then to make the iso and upload it.

That would be fantastic.
I am just uploading this now which is going to take a while as its going by FTP
i have done my best to make thsi file as small as possible but its still almost 400meg

you will need 7zip to unpacked as thats what i used to compress the file down.

i will post back with a download link as soon as i can.
I look forwards to receiving the link.
ok i have it on site now this is not a small download but its as small as i can make it.

could you please let me know once you have downloaded this.
its just so i can lock it out and stop the bots from linking to it.
Hi, this file is saved in winrar format. I have tried to open it with both 7-zip and winrar with no joy. I'll download again one last time, just in case something went wrong with the download.
It wouldn't work: "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged." Thanks anyway, I'll have to try elsewhere I guess.
check the file size it should be 347mb

if its lower then that your download went wrong
Downloaded 4 times. Everytime it gave the same message, and each download was 257mb.
yeah your not getting the full file.
i check on site size with what i uploaded and it should be 347mb

if yoru using a download accelerator disable it, just use plain old IE to download,
i know its slower but you should get the full file.
i am downloading it myself from site now to check to see if my host is buggering it up.
will take 7 mins on my connection, i have a fast connection Grin

** quick edit **

I got the file at the correct size.
i checked on the hit rate and that file has been hit 50 times, you may not know it but i think you have a download accelerator running
Not aware of any download accelerator, I lost my pc to a virus 2 weeks ago so am reloading it all from scratch. If anyone has successfully downloaded this file, any chance of burning it onto disk and sending to me. I'm in the UK. Many thanks.
Further to the above, Visioneer are quoting me £10 for a replacement disk! So I'd happily pay £5 to have a burned copy sent to me! I'm afraid the download just doesn't work for me. I must have tried a dozen times now.
Ok, I've now tried 14 times, the last download reached 305mb, but still not the whole file. Each download is also taking over an hour, so it's getting very frustrating. Davey6, can you post me a disk?
not from where i live, the postage would kill you Eek
i need to take a close look at that paperport disk i wonder if i can spilt it down so its in smaller sizes.
scansoft is the bit you really need as that contains the scanning software, you can then use any photo program or even word to scan in to the pc.
just wonder if i can rip it out the cd on its own
ok i have ripped just the scansoft program off the disk.
see if you can download all of this.
for info its 130meg in size

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