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Visioneer 4800 scanner & Vista
can you give me the driver details please.
i am trying to find that driver in the back pages of the microsoft its not listing anything at all.

i need the version number of the working microsoft driver.
There are six files listed on Driver Details panel plus Microsoft information. Quite a lot to key in correctly. I've taken screen shot, and have it as pdf and jpg, but I cannot find how to send attachment.
I'm shown as "junior menber" but am 84!!
It seems as though SP2 did un-install, as I cannot find reference to it anywhere. However, Windows update doesn't tell me to install it when it tells me of current updates.
I've sent attachments of the driver details to the contact us address
I've looked on the browser (Firefox) download panel, but MS seems to have evaded that id loading the driver
thanks for the info , i will use my microsoft passport and have a dig round in pages other people can't see.
if i find that driver i will grab hold of it.

I would really like to find out if the V4800 scanner can be installed on SP2. It may be that it won't look for the drivers, but if you find them we could load them and see it will pick them up. I don't want to try at present as I have spent too much time already.
I am really trying to find this microsoft driver as it will help alot of people.
no matter what way i search microsoft database its not showing up.

If i can't find it i will put a request in to microsoft for a download.

I've extracted the six files from C:\Windows\ (hope I have got them right) and attached them to an email to the contact address as before. Don't know if this will help.
the only driver i can find on microsoft is the visioneer one, i wonder if windows update loaded the visioneer one for you while you were updating.
i will upload your files to this post asap, can't do it at the moment i have a storm knocking on the backdoor so i will do it as soon as that passes.
need to shut everything down before this hits us head on


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