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dynabook TX/65D
computer crashes when it gets hot. if it reaches the heat i think..it crashes and the screen turns into black, white and green lines vertically and horizontally. sounds like overheating but it didn't shut it down.
i double checked it and it seems that the inner fan can't handle the heat anymore..i used electric fan on that portion and so far no problem. i ordered fan on it's manufacturer and for the meantime i ask the owner if they want to use their laptop, they must use any fan to properly ventilated the portion were the cpu is located. so far... it's been 4 hrs running without any problem.
fan may well be working in its specs there penkaye what might have happend is the little heatsink fins are blocked up with dust and the fan can no longer blow over the little heatpipe heatsink anymore.

if you know where the heat exits the machine from that fan do this.

turn it round take a good deep breath and blow like hell in to the plastic outlet.
if a cloud of dust comes flying out the machine as i think it will then you will know where the problem is.
hahaha! i'm afraid i can't do that! coz i have asthma! lol but i will try using air blower...i'm sure its like i'm blowing it like hell! lol

you're the man davey...u made my day again...hahaha!

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