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Help! No Power After Maintenance
Cup of coffee spilled on Inspiron 1150, and power immediately cut out. Removed battery and AC charger as quickly as possible, then spent several hours completely disassembling and cleaning PC with a commercial solvent. Let everything thoroughly dry before reassembling, and all looks good. But when battery and/or charger is installed, absolutely nothing happens. No LEDs, nada.

When the accident occurred, the system shut itself down. Any idea if this was by design or because of a component failing which now needs to be replaced?

this sort of problem really is best left pc shop

the fact the computer shut down on its own is a sign that the coffee shorted the motherboard board out.
now trying to track down a blown component on a motherboard will take days if not weeks without the correct test meters.

now if you have a test meter one that reads voltage you can test a few basic things yourself.

first test the charger is infact giving you power out. and at the rated voltage.
test where the charger fits the motherboard and just test power is reaching the board by using the soldered contacts on the motherboard
now if you take sugar in your coffee you will have the added problem of sticky contacts so test the power button.
make sure its making contact when pressed.
if you notice any sticky patches on the motherboard anywhere clean them up.
would also be a very good idea to remove the cpu and check the socket.
if any coffee has entered in to that socket clean it out with a good contact switch cleaner, check the bottom of the cpu for any signs of wetness, or stickyness. do the same on the memory sticks.

that really is about all you can check yourself.
if it still fails to power think about a second hand motherboard.
Component failure. Laptops are usually allergic to coffee as this case has shown. If you have insurance then I suggest you claim the laptop as a total loss and make a claim. You may have one or several component compromised and after the coffee, solvent and handling others may also fail after the bad ones are found and replaced. It is not worth the time, money of hassle getting it fixed (usually).

This is a job for laptop professionals. Take it to one who will charge a minor fee to diagnose to see what needs to be replaced. But personally, I would not trust that machine with anythig critical ever again.
Thanks so much for the thoughts - they are truly appreciated. I was already pretty much resigned to kicking myself for being clumsy. Ordered a refurbished, stripped down 1150 and I'll swap in memory and hard drive. Isn't great, but at least it won't take days of effort to get back to where I started.
Please note the Hard Drivers are NOT airtight and some of the spilled content may have entered the drive.

Now you may understand why having current backups is a really good idea.
I have to agree with Mr Biggles here.
any sign of coffee on the label of your hard drive is a sign its got wet.

like wise with your memory , take it out and have a good hard look at it under normal daylight.
check its 100% clean and has not had any coffee on it.
i know this all sounds like a pain in the backside but if you put a damaged hard drive or memory on your new motherboard you could short it out and be back to square one again.

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