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NEC Valuestar PC-VR700DD desktop
pls help...can't find driver for this model..

Field Value
Device Properties
Driver Description Multimedia Video Controller
Hardware ID PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_013A&SUBSYS_82BB1033&REV_0B
Location Information PCI bus 1, device 13, function 0
PCI Device NEC Dual Tuner/MPEG Encoder

Device Resources
IRQ 09
Memory D7FE0000-D7FEFFFF
Memory D7FF4000-D7FF5FFF


Field Value
Device Properties
Driver Description Multimedia Audio Controller
Hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_266E&SUBSYS_82401033&REV_04
Location Information PCI bus 0, device 30, function 2
PCI Device Intel 82801FB ICH6 - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-2]

Device Resources
IRQ 10
Port F000-F0FF
Port FA00-FA3F

using windows xp pro
what is it with you and these jap models Grin

anyway i will try with the info i found on the nec jap site.

the video is the intel 915 or this driver

sound is the ADI AD1981B thats a sound max chip to me and you.
i do have drivers for that listed here.

listed as the ADI 198X

now the problem is being a jap model it might not take these english drivers you can but try.
i think i have the jap driver for that sound somewhere listed under another nec model, i need to find it Eek
well...always driving me crazy! lol

i tried both drivers...
on video..nothing happens..but i had successfully installed it.
on audio...it has an error installing... ikernel.exe:(0x10000)

by the way davey...last time we had a chat about my plans in philippines..were i'd like to establish internet cafe..i think there's a change on plan... we're gonna migrate on canada next year..my wife and my youngest son will go there 1st then followed by me and my eldest. from there..i really had no idea next. lol
this one is proving to be a bit hard to translate.

i will continue to try.
one thing i did translate that i need you to check for me.
some of this model shipped with a tv card installed.
so can you double check its the main video card you need or the video card thats missing its driver.

oh before i forget this topic has your jap sound card listed.
post number 33 has the link.

you can see the trouble i had finding that driver for yet another nec.

ok the more i probe that video device id string the more its coming back as tuner card and i am pretty sure its this one.

drivers are listed on the right
thanks davey...prob solved on tuner card! however, still got prob on sound card..i tried my luck on vinyl ac'97 combo driver (wdm) and guess what..it fixes the prob on device manager...but still no sounds.. any idea davey? to date, there's no problem on it's device manager...only sounds...i can't hear anything. even if u play any audio on the media player or itunes..it will play without sounds.
the specs say its a ADI well thats what i called up here.


i think you should remove all sound card drivers.
then load just that jap driver i gave you the link for above it should slove that problem but if it don't remove the driver then use everest and call up the sound pnp/pci audio.
being a older sound chip everest should name it.

so your leaving jap land ? i don't blame you. canada is a nice green place if a bit cold in the winter.
i love this island i live on, i won't ever move from here.
i have alot of health problem as you might have guessed, the cold would really screw me up big time.
this island don't drop below 17 oC even in the winter, it gets wet and we get storms that rip my roof to bits but apart from that is a wonderful peacful island.
unless we get another idiot that runs round cutting peoples heads off for no dam reason.
that shocked the locals even me, things like that just don't happen here, murder is very very uncommon, we don't even have a gun or knife crime rate that was a massive wake up call to the local police
yeah that's true..it's ADI and even on it's ID strings.. ok, i will remove the sound card later and let's see what we got there...

yes, i am leaving japan since we had an offer in canada were my family and i will be together..a chance that i longed want to. although i heard that the salary is not that much compared to japan. moreover, it's in alberta..one of coldest part of canada i guess...
we will try our luck there although i got health problems too... my back is aching if it reaches .-5c onwards... and sometimes noose bleeding. i really don't know what future holds there but we will give it a try...

if we think we cannot stay there for so long...i guess it's time to go back in my homeland philippines then it's time to built internet cafe and a restaurant.
well i wish you luck with that mate.

when i moved here i was dam happy really happy then within 3 months of coming here driving home i had a massive accident that has put pay to the rest of my life really.
not my fault guy fell asleep at the wheel and come across the motorway and hit the car i was in.
it was a horror crash let me put it that way.
how i am alive today buggers most people even the doctors.

hi davey! im back in action after couple of weeks out of town.. lol
ok..what we have here ... hmm...the video is ok now..and the audio still not working..ok..i will check now the audio card of the desktop and give u futher info. i will get back to you after checking the sound card.

so sad on what happened to u..really
u are still alive bcoz u have a purpose in ur life, with ur site...u helped many people by all means. helping without any in return is really one of a kind. u are the instrument given to us and made us happy and proud.
not a stand alone sound card..it's built-in...mother board is NEC G1BGX.

i visited the site but i can't find the audio driver...all they had is all crap updates! grrrrr!

yeah i can't find the main support for that model on the nec jap site i have been looking and trying to translate what i could.

there are two dell drivers listed here for that sound card.

but i swear if that sound is working ok its going to need the jap driver.

did you try the one for the nec link i gave you ?

might have to think about el cheapo pci sound card if i can't find the intel to ADI jap driver anywhere.

for info i am going back to hospital this morning for a checkup on the repair, i will be staying for a few days but will have my laptop, they are not knocking me out cold so should be ok
yes, i tried those nec link but no luck...

ok..i will try that dell drivers...
will give u fdback again after installing those drivers

good luck davey...stay healthy and strong as always!
i am always strong when i am not screaming like a baby lol lol

nah i am just way too pig headed and stubborn to let a doctor think they know me better then i know myself.
i need to have one very small quick op this afternoon then i should be ok for a while.
they are not knocking me out so while they are working down there on my leg i can carry on with my laptop lol lol
lets just say me and the doctors have a agreement where i can take my laptop in to the theater, well not so much a agreement more a case of
davey being stubborn and pig headed, lol lol
they know by now take davey take the laptop or davey becomes bored and starts to loose his temper.

lol... i can't imagine how davey being pig heaed and stubborn..lol

i'm back again from out of town work.. so tired! really hate this work but i don't have any choice.. anyway, until 20th of this month only, after that, i will be online everyday..lol

i tried to install those dell drivers but it says...sever, driver not found. i tried to install it also using safe mode. however, problem still exist. i have one question, if i will put a audio/sound card, do u think i will work? i mean, can we resolve it with that? there still an slot where i can put sound card.
yes a pci sound card will slove that problem as long as its not a jap card you should be fine.
i will look for a sound card today... thanks davey!
don't forget if you plug in a pci sound card to go in to the bios and disable the onboard sound or windows might get confused about what card it should be using
hi davey! i bought a cheapest audio card.. envy24 family audio controller card. i installed it but still no sounds. but if u will direct input the earphone on it's rear/front socket...u will hear all the sounds including windows sounds and a music in itunes. i tried to disable the onboard sound but there's no onboard sound listed to disable it. do u think there's a prob on it's speaker?
no the speaker is fine, if i remember that type of nec has the same single speaker as the dell built in the case, its the pc speaker come bios speaker.
its wired direct to the motherboard.

the new card is working the way it should it can't see or use that speaker you will need to plug in a set of speakers or rewire the one in the case to the output of the new card.

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