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No sound on Toshiba laptop.
Hello all!
I have a Toshiba A35-S159 laptop with no sound on it. I am running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. My Device Manager says that my processor is a Genuine Intel® CPU 2.30GHz and the little sticker on my computer further says it's a Pentium 4. :D

Some more information:
There is no icon for sound (volume) in the lower right taskbar.

When I go into Windows Media Player (11) and try to play a sound file, it says 'Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.' Little orange exclamation points appear to the left of the names of the file I clicked on and about five files after that.

I can play video files, they just have no sound, same thing with internet video files.

When I try to play a computer game it says: 'Unable to locate MIDI device.' and it will not start up.

If I go into the control panel under the Sounds and Audio Devices icon, it says that I have No Audio Device. I cannot adjust the volume or use voice or audio playback.

In the Device Manager all icons under Sound, Video and Game Controllers appear to be working normally. The only icons under Sound, Video and Game Controllers are Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices and Video Codecs. But, under a tab marked Other Devices, there are two Unknown Devices and a Multimedia Audio Controller that all have yellow exclamation points next to them. I have tried searching for hardware using the Found New Hardware Wizard, but it tells me it cannot find anything every time I do.

The prompts from the Found New Hardware Wizard used to come up on my computer at start up, but after searching multiple times for hardware using the Device Manager (to no avail) they do not come up anymore.


[Image: soundsincontrolpanel.jpg]

[Image: devicemanager.jpg]

Thank you to anyone that can help!
this is the sound card driver listed at toshiba for your laptop.

now you may have a wifi card e.t.c thats not installed.
as toshiba time out links i will tell you how to find all the downloads for that model.
click this link.

click downloads
in the menus select.
portables , satellite , A35-S159
then click go, then downloads.

it will take you to all the downloads for that laptop.
Thank you SO much! :D I now have sound after having none for almost half a year. I thought I was going to have to take it in to get it fixed... I will check out the website and see what else I need to install to get the other yellow exclamation points away.
Anyway, yes I am computer deficient, so thank you for helping me! I know it's fairly simple, but I still wouldn't have figured it out otherwise.

Thanks again,

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