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webcam ecom

Sadly i've lost the CD witht he drivers for my webcam =/
Checking around this forum...and reading a few things, i guess i needed to look for the ID device...
couldn't find drivers in the web...
hope you can help.
Thank you in advance
from what i can see about that device id string its based on the sonix sn9c325 chipset.
you can try the drivers direct from sonix with your cam.

it works <.< i spent the whole day yesterday looking for drivers and couldn't find any lol
thank you very much for your help :)
Where can i find driver for SpeedStream wireless USB Adapter. Thanks
Hi Dave,

I Have a webcam with hardware ID:

name on it is "carbon".

HWinfo64 tool detects it as Sonix Triplex i-mini PC Camera
Unknown Device Identifier 7.00 tool detects it as Microdia Triplex i-mini PC Camera

I have tried drivers from sonix website: SN9C102, SN9C102P and SN9C105 nothing worked.

cant find anything on Microdia site and Triplex corporation doesnt have camers in the support or products pages.

kindly help.

that device id string does seem to come back as the SN9C102 or even SN9C103

what version of windows are you trying to get this cam working on?

from what i can see its a 32bit cam and the drivers are only for a 32bit O/S
if your running windows 64bit it may not work.
i will see what else i can find out for you.
oh.. im using Win7 64bit :(
had a feeling that was the case.

just checking sonix controllers page and can confirm that chipset is 32bit windows only.

list of their chipsets and what they support can be found here.
Hello, I have a problem with the webcam, it has only a label on it, writes superpover, we worked on the XP system, and now I use Windows 7 64 bit ... and impossible to find drivers to install
can you let me know what the device id string of yoru cam is.

to find that please follow this.
How to find a unknown device id string in windows.
click start , control panel , double click system icon.
click hardware tab, device manager.
double click the unknown device,
click details tab.
use the pull down menu select device id instance

search the id string to find make of your none working device.

i can then check that up and try and find the chipset inside your cam.

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