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Missing NTLDR
Hello again,

Here we go again, I have now experienced a problem, starting up my XP Home and cant get any further that a message telling me 'Missing NTLDR. Before I start playing around and causing further problems is there an easy fix for this. I have meanwhile loaded a new XP on a spare HDD hence why I am able to write this, but naturaly I would like to be able to use my old HDD with all my data etc on it. As I am still on a learning curve with these machines, and have had some success with your advice from time to time I would be grateful for your help with this one, I am now on the way to my 80th year and would like to keep PC going as I am enjoying this new challenge.

Many thanks for your patience. Gideon
Just had a quick brain flash and remembered the message, sorry missied it. The actual message I got is:

NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart

Does that help?

Since submitting this thread, I googled and found advice in 'Computer Hope' Phew, pages of advice giving a list of possible causes, looks like I will have to go through some of the simpler ones, but still if there is a 'quick fix' I would be grateful.

this sort of error does not happen on the fly like that.
before you go head long in to all that reading check your hard drive for bad sectors.
i have seen this time and time again when sector 1 to 5 of the hard drive has had it.

the quickest fix i know of is to repair windows xp from the install disk.
however if your hard drive is showing its age it will only be a temp repair before it does it again.
Thanks for your speedy reply, that thought had initialy gone through my head, but the Hdd I am using is fairly new, but I will give it a try see what happens.
even if the hard is pretty new its still worth a check.
check the make and model of that drive then download the dos tools for it.
make the dos floppy and start your bad computer in that disk.
do a full scan of the hard drive.

its funny i have seen brand new hard drives screw up in weeks and some that are over 10 years old and still work.
luck of the draw when it comes to hard drives.
Hi again,

OK my intention was to do as you advised, so removed my standby HDD and installed my 'faulty' HDD and gues what? Bingo, as right as rain worked as it should and no nasty message, I wonder if the cable had somehow had a jolt? This message to you is via this 'faulty' HDD. Ho Hum! fingers crossed etc, but will hang onto your advise and hard copy it to my special faults folder.

Thanks, Gideon.
do you have two hard drives in that machine by any chance ?

if you do it might not be a faulty cable more a case of what drive the bios saw first.
if one drive spins up faster then the other and then outputs its firmware first the bios will see it as the first drive.

this tends to happen on older IDE setups with the drives set to cable select.

if it happens again check your bios screen and make sure the drives are listed in their correct order

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