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Unknown Webcam

this is the string i could find, the driver that come on the disc is for windows xp, it worked fine with vista, but i have upgraded to windows 7 and it doesnt recognise the driver at all.
this cam is known to have problems under windows 7,
if yoru running windows 64bit the chances are its not going to work at all as support for that cam has stopped
however if your running 32bit windows 7 you stand a chance with the bare files i ripped for someone.

have a read of this topic it deals with the same cam as yours
Hello! I would segítség.win 7 Ultimate 32 bit OS.I would have drivers to use webcam unknown.Camera ID: USB \ VID_17A1 & PID_0128 & REV_0100Name: xpx!Inside writing: ROHS T613COB V01-91bDate: 05/11/2007I could use your help, I could not find the ingredients here on the site!Thanks you guys! [Image: ?ui=2&ik=ceb1c574e7&view=att&th=13d93896...lqeol50&zw]

[Image: ?ui=2&ik=ceb1c574e7&view=att&th=13d93896...lqetxg1&zw]
that device id string is the alcorcam 3803
i do have a driver for that cam listed here

now i do know this cam does have problems with windows 7 as support for that chipset stopped at vista and its no longer shipped in the new cams.
have a read of this post and try and load that driver with the compatibility wizard

i can not see a driver listed at micosoft for that chipset but that does not mean they don't have one
so if that driver fails to work go in to control panel, shut down your firewall and then go in to device manager right click on the problem cam and select update driver.
windows will auto search windows update.
if it finds a driver it will load it for you.
turn your firewall back on once its complete.

little tip
when installing my driver or any microsoft driver make sure your firewall and antivirus are shut down or they can and do block the install, just remember to switch them back on once the install has completed or failed.
also make sure your using a main usb port these are the ones under the mouse and keyboard ports on a desktop
Hey! Unfortunately, these solutions were not good. Is there any ideas? Thank you!

I am very happy that I found you here. The success we have! Works with everything!The solution: firewall turned off, the driver update, read from CAM 1690! And good!Thanks for your help!: Szikla:
yes the alcorcam 3803 is also known as cam 1690
it just depends on what factory made the cam and what they programmed in to the little id chip

i would think micosoft as at last started to support some of the older cams under windows 7 because they caused alot of end user's such as your self alot of trouble when windows 7 first came out.

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