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HP G62 Ethernet Drivers
Hi all,

I recently installed XP Pro with integrated SP3 on a small partition of my HD, for those times when Ubuntu just isn't enough (wiped off Windows 7 when I first got the laptop). However, like so many others, I ran into trouble. While XP seems to have installed fine, I cannot access the internet presumably due to a lack of drivers.
-I heard I may need to reinstall with SP2, then get drivers, then upgrade, could this be the case?
-I looked on the HP website, which doesn't support XP.
-I looked on the intel website, which gives me a list of ethernet controllers, but I have no idea which one to use. I tried a few generic looking ones without any luck.

I didn't see any relevant info in other threads, it seems others found driver packages somehow...
My computer is a HP G62 219 something or other.


well first off please recheck that model number as Hp don't seem to know what it is.
I will need the full model number and letters as posted on the bottom of that machine

yes in some case's when doing downgrades to xp you should be using sp2 right up till all the drivers are working.
sp3 has a screwed up UAA driver already built in to it and microsoft have not addessed it so what tends to happen is HD sound will refuse point blank to work
Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. The computer's full name is HP G62-219WM, the support page for it is here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/produ...ct=4217270

The code on the machine is X15-53758, I guess thats the one you're needing?
ok Hp are not kind enough to list what lan card is in that laptop but looking at the downloads its a realtek pci-e lan, now xp being so old it won't understand that lan and HP won't tell me but the device id string should lead me to it.
call up the network's device id string in device manager and let me know what it tells you.
with the wifi i have more then one choice HP shipped that laptop with no more then 5 different wifi cards.
they don't make my life easy.
again the device id string should tell me what one that is.

i did notice the laptop is based on the intel GM45 chipset windows xp even with service pack 3 installed won't understand that chipset so before you call up the eice id strings i would advise you download and install this intel INF file.
that way xp can list what is sitting on the pci lanes.

just to be on the safe side this is how you call up the device id strings under windows xp sp3

oh and for information the sound is the HD realtek, this should not be a problem under windows xp even with sp3 already installed, i know if you use a gigabyte motherboard driver on that sound card it will install.
HP is indeed being a pain.

The network controller gives an id string of PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_3040103C&REV_01\4&38F101EE&0&00E0, and the ethernet controller gives an id of PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_1484103C&REV_02\4&318470AD&0&00E1 if that helps.

the inf file told me it was older than the current version when I installed it, but I did it anyways.

as for the sound, I'll look for a driver, but probably after I get some internets on that partition, so I don't have to keep rebooting every time I try something. Thanks for the tip!
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B is the Atheros AR9285 Wireless card
poking around at HP i found two possible drivers to try

this one ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp39001-39500/sp39403.exe
and this one ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp50001-50500/sp50498.exe

oh these so called driver update programs drive me crazy when your looking for a well known lan like realtek
they plaster the net with crap and give up your money ads we have the drivers.

but the lan is the Realtek RTL8401 and you can grab that direct from realtek without parting with a penny.


let me know how you get on with those.

Posting from my XP partition. (aaawww yeahhh!)

One of the wireless drivers you directed me to, sp50498, did the trick.
As for the lan one, I unzipped everything and right-click>installed the .inf file, which may have done something, but certainly didn't connect me to the wired network. I feel like I may have done something wrong on it, its not as easy as a .exe! (as my profile implies, I'm a newbie).

I'm looking for a motherboard driver for sound on the gigabyte website, but I don't know which way to go...

Thanks for the help so far!
ok i will point you to the sound.
this one should do the trick but the download might be a little slow

once thats done use windows update, that being a realtek lan card windows update should be able to correct any error.
OK, I downloaded the driver in the link, but it gave me a 300 error, multiple files. I downloaded the only one the site suggested and installed it with no results, followed by windows update, still with no results. I tried to go to the MS download center to be sure I updated properly, but every link about updating takes me to a security update site...
All the updates seem to be intent on removing malware and stuff, nothing on drivers.
Any words of wisdom?
gigabyte make dam good motherboards then back it up with a really slow buggy site, really don't make sense.
i think you may have got a bad download from them
anyway if your sound is still not working you can try the realtek HD audio driver direct from them you can get that here.

with windows update there is a trick to it.
use the custom search and not the express, once the custom search is finished look in the left hand list for hardware. that is where it will list any new drivers found but won't download them till you ok it.
oh and before i forget to post this and nod off to sleep again.

go online with the laptop.
then go in to device manager, right click on the problem lan select update driver
let windows auto search and when asked allow it to search online at microsoft.

if it finds anything it will download it and install it that way.
OK, the sound driver works just fine, and by updating all the stuff in device manager I got ethernet working too!

well, I think I'm all set on drivers.

Thanks a lot for the great help!
thats good, now would be a good time to do a backup or disk image of your fully working system so if you ever have problems again you can just load your backup disk.

these free programs that should do the job




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