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phenom 2 X6 1100T...
Hi davey! got bad news from my son. he is using the said cpu where it has a cool it system radiator on it. unfortunately, due to the fact that it always shutdown due to overheat, unexpected water leak came from the unit attached to cpu. i asked my son to pulled off the water cooling system and bought a hyper cpu cooler by cooler master. he thoroughly cleaned all possible affected areas including the graphics card. I taught him to install the said new heatsink and to test it without graphics card bcoz it has a built in video card. and unfortunately, the fun of the heatsink didn't on/run. no video signal but all case blower/fan is perfectly working. there's a light on the motherboard and unable to shut it down thru power button. you have to pull off the power cord and/or switch of the psu. do u have any idea? do u think the cpu and motherboard are affected?

the only affected areas of the leak were graphics card and on the top of the psu. aside from it, no signs on cpu and motherboard
i have a water cooled system myself and over the years i have had the odd leak, however the water used in these system does not cause a short if it leaks unless your son has topped the system up with tap water at any stage.

now because the system did have a video card and it did get wet it may have shorted out the chipset pci lanes.

what i would tell him to do is remove the whole motherboard and give it a once over with a warm ( not hot ) hairdryer.
pay good attention to the gfx slot that got wet, and the cpu socket, it only needs to be damp to cause a problem.
remove the bios battery and allow the board to sit for a few hours to drain any built up current.
then rebuild and try the system with all the onboard hardware only.

so u mean it only built up current on cpu and motherboard and not totally damaged? ok, i will ask him to remove the motherboard tomorrow.

the cool it has a maintenance free water cooled system. no need to refill the water. actually, i went to the shop were i bought it and they advised me to send back the damaged hardware like that radiator and the graphics card if affected too. we need to check as soon as possible b4 it will ends the warranty period.

will give you fdback as soon as possible. thank you very much davey!

if the wrong water was added at the factory in that water cooled system it could have caused damage by shorting out the pci express lane.
if the rad its self leaked then i would send it back as there is a factory fault on the seals and solder joints all of which should be covered by the warranty, if the system is proved to be damaged by the water system then that too should be covered and replaced, however with that said its all too easy for these people to wiggle out of a warranty.

the bios battery sends out 3 volt to hold the cmos settings, it can also hold any built up charge in the board if it was shorted out so best to remove it and let the board drain all current.
you will have to reset the bios once the battery is replaced but thats not a big job.

my son told me that the water leaked from the unit from the cpu is color green.. looks like oil for him..and smells burned. the shops promised me that they will replaced the Cool IT systems unit once they send it back here in japan. plus if the graphics card is also affected, they will also covered it for replacement. so blessed with that. ^_^

will keep u posted once he started to remove the motherboard etc. right now we had a problem on our schedule.
hi davey! penkaye here... i'm already here in Philippines. unlucky and apprehended by immigration last december and deported after 2 weeks held in their cell.

anyway, with regards to my problem on this computer..i did all what you advised me but still got problems. i got no response from the video card although it's fan is working as well as all other chasis fan. but unfortunately, the heatsink fan is not circulating.. once you turn on the power..it will move slightly only. you can't even turn it off on its main switch by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds... you need to switch it off to the cpu switch. any idea davey?
oh thats unlucky i have a spanish passport now as well as my uk one.
been out here 13 years now, one of the best things i ever done in my life was get away from the uk.

anyway to your problem, the cpu fan will only spin when the cpu reaches a temp as set in the bios so if the cpu power is not working then its not
getting hot enough to spin the fan.
if this is the same board that got wet i think it needs to be replaced, its been long enough now to dry out.
the only thing you can try is re-setting the cpu once again with all power removed from the board.
AMD chips are a but strange when they need re-setting, intel don't need to be taken out the system but some AMD chips do.

the pc is not swiching off because its not fully switching on in the first place, if the cpu is not getting power from the psu or from the board then the bios can't see or read it, likewise if the chipset got wet and shorted out then the only things thats running is the psu board and nothing else.

one other thing i can think of is this.
if that pc had a weak or oldish power supply fitted and it then got shorted out and the protect cut in it is possible that the power supply its self is the problem.
hi davey! sorry for the late reply. i'm having a problem on internet line here in philippines. well, with regards to my penalty in japan. usually all apprehended is banned for 5 years. But my friends told me starting this year, all apprehended is banned for 3 years only. That means, I can go back there again. lol

Anyway, back to my problem. all hardware that i assembled on this computer is new. So you mean, There's a possibility that the board is dead already? how about the cpu? is there any chance that this is still working? right now, i don't have any tools to check bcoz all my stuff are still held in japan customs. yeah, another problem that i am currently handling. I already filed a complaint to Department of Trade and Industry - Philippine Shipper's Bureau for delayed, tampered, missing and damaged items on my packages. Although, the seafreight forwarder is trying to make a amicable settlement within 1st week of May.

I am planning to brought the computer to a computer shop for further checking. btw, i already sent an email to CoolIT systems and they responded quickly. I will copy paste here their response.

Update for Case #SUP1204182 - "ECO ALC FLuid"

I am sorry to hear about the issue you have had with your ECO ALC. I have created an account and opened a support case on your behalf. Below I will include a cleaning process, using distilled water to remove the coolant residue from the affected PC components.
We do not have a RMA location in the Philippines. Our closest location is in the US.

I will need a few things from you:
1. A picture or two of your product. (Please include one clear picture of the radiator serial number sticker)
2. Copy for your sales invoice.
3. The serial number which you will find in a sticker on the bottom radiator tank.

Could you please go to:


Sign in, using your email address as your log in name and the password - Pword54 - and edit your profile. Be sure to fill out all of the fields including telephone number, so that we will have the information required to RMA your product.

Here are our cleaning instructions. We have had frequent success if this procedure is followed as soon as you have noticed your PC components have been in contact with the coolant.

In the case of your motherboard and GPU you should be able to use distilled water to clean off as much of the coolant residue as you can after removing them from your chassis. If necessary you can try submersing the motherboard or the GPU (only after removing the CPU processor, heat sink, and fan or FHE) into distilled water and moving them around for 15-30 seconds to allow the distilled water to dissolve the coolant residue off of them. You will then need to allow the components to air dry for 3 days before testing them.

If other components are affected by the coolant please let us know as each one may require specific cleaning instructions.

In the instance of coolant possibly going behind the processor and into the socket, we would suggest the use of a quality contact cleaner. Below is a good example of a contact cleaner.


Follow the instructions found on the label of the product.

Your cooperation would be appreciated,

Andrew Wildgoose
Service and Support Manager

What do you think is the best for this case davey?
its possible that the cpu is ok but without testing it i can't be 100% sure.
cleaning in distilled water i have done myself to remove coffee e.t.c from motherboards then you stand a 50/50% chance of it working.
if the motherboard shorted out and sent random power to the other hardware then no matter what you have tested it will be dead.

the only real way to find out is take it in to a shop as they can test the components and tell you what is and what is not working anymore then you can claim the price of that back.

it really is a case of testing things one at a time on a known working motherboard to find out what is still working and what is dead.

i would really like to know what is in that coolit fuild, i have water cooling myself and i fill it with distilled water and a little anti corrosion fuild,
over the years i have had the odd leak here and there but its never blow a component.
shut the computer down yes but never blown anything out.
if i am not mistaken, my son told me b4 that the color of the fluid of eco II ALC is green. but as i checked it out now, it's colorless and there's a smell something like a chemical.
yeah there has to be something in it to protect the system, my water goes blue when i add the corrosion fuild.
it stops the rust and bugs getting in to the water.
without it the water would start to smell like a fish pond and go green.
but even so the corrosion fuild should not be so strong that it can cause a massive short.
thanks davey! i'll give you update once CoolIt replied and once i brought this pc to the shop.
hi davey! i just like to give u info...Mr Andrew responded again but he requested me to transact with the shop regarding sales invoice. so i am ask my friend to do me a favor to visit the store and make transaction re this matter. well, i dont have any receipt to date to justify the proof of purchase needed for the claims. as i told you, i was apprehended and all my things are not sent to me.

i tried to tell them what happened but they insisted the cash invoice. i gave them the pictures of the defective item and a new one, still in the box. but they are not convinced. anyway, i hope my friend will have a good transaction with the store.
well if your friend can go back to the store where he bought the parts they should have a record of the sale.

a copy of the sale with the date should be all you need really.
Yes devey, absolutely they have the records. I still have the membership card where all my transactions is recorded. I'll just like someone who can explain further in japanese laguage. I already contacted 2 of my friends. I told them if they hv time, kindly visit the store and ask for a copy of sales invoice. Hope i will have a positive fdbk a out a week or two. ^_^
should not be a prblem if your friends speak japanese.

sorry to say i can't speak japanese to save my life.
english yes, spanish yes and some nigerian yoruba is about all i can manage.

mind you my spanish these days is just as good as my english because most of the time i do have to speak spanish.
also helps on this forum when someone post in spanish i don't have to translate it i just read it.
I have a 19 year old Japanese translater if you need one.
thanks biggles! but we need someone who will represent in my absence there that can speak japanese. davey, way back during my younger years..hahaha! i mean, during my elementary days, spanish and steno are prequisite on schools. sad to say, to date, schools are no longer teaching that. But still, we can understand a little spanish since we've been occupied too by the spaniards wayback 1521. my goodness! this is history! lol but we adopt some spanish language and became pure tagalog (philippine language) too. for example.. about time, like now, alas dos imedya (2:00 pm) and some were bad words.. ^_^
i think that was the first words i did learn was how to swear in spanish lol lol.
mind you whats good for them is good for me as i think working so long with me they have learned all the uk
swear words lol
this island is still under spanish control but we are no where near spain what so ever.
very very sore subject with the locals as they want out of spanish control.
hi davey! i will inform you with regards to this computer... i already brought it to a shop for proper diagnose and like we all know, motherboard is defective... they tried to check other components like graphics card, psu, memory etc.. only motherboard is not working. They brought-in a motherboard and cpu for testing and they finally pin pointed the defected hardware. as i expected, they don't have hi-end motherboard so i place an order for that will match my cpu as well as my memory which is 1600mhz 4 pcs of 2gb each. within this week, they will call once unit arrived.

thanks a lot davey!

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