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test results
I loaded the last 2 things you sent me and I ran into the same problem as with pack 2...had to restore the computer so I have to now go get avg and the zone thing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This d**n computer!!!!! I swear I am going to throw it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will let you know when I am back up and running again.....
that should not happen they are every day drivers.

have you installed direct x 9c ?

something is locking that windows install up

any ideas biggles ?
I did load that program...I just don't get why I am having this problem...
I think the new avitar suits me just fine!!!!
I have been loading my other programs and so far everything seems to be running smoothly..(knock on wood)...I guess I'm just waiting for the next issue to pop up....
I have a question here while I'm waiting for your answer to my other problem...
I have another computer it is a dell...and I want to load avg on it..but everytime I do the pest pac program that is on it won't allow me to load keeps asking me for the code from the there someway to by pass this screen and load the software? or is there another program that would work on it?
i have not run into that program before purple

can you disable it while you load avg ?

with your other machine, just load up all your programs then make a new restore point.
so if you run into problems with it you won't loose all the work done to date.
still trying to think why you can not install service pack 2
it should install. unless your bios settings are wrong but as you know i can't call up those settings at gateway so i can't tell what way they should be set.
I will try and disable it ....not sure how to do that but I will look at it and see if I can figure it out.....
you mean to tell me that my computer geek guy doesn't have the answer???? Oh no whats the world coming to?????
Ok if you find out anything let me know...otherwise I will try and not bother you too much....
i am sorry to say i don't know everything :(

wish i did,

even i have to sit and read at times.

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