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driver wanted for
O.K. I've read all of the posts and still don't know what to do. Make it simple, what do I download and where do I get it? I'm really not into the technical stuff. I just want the Next Products 3MP USB 2.0 Smart Webcam w/3 LEDs to work.[/align][/size][/font]
i need to know what version of windows your trying to install this cam on.
ok i have put the other driver from the other post back in to one single driver package for you.
its should now be a simple matter of unpacking the driver and double clicking the install.

word of advice

webcams need your firewall and anti-virus shut off while you install the driver or they block the usb port.
make sure your using a main usb port, these are the ones on the rear of your machine just under the mouse and keyboard ports.
front usb ports and hubs don't have enough power to run a webcam so it must be connected to a main usb port at all times.
the driver can be download from this list, you will see it on the bottom, just click download to start the download off.

(01-03-2012, 06:55 PM)davey6 Wrote: i need to know what version of windows your trying to install this cam on.
Windows XP pro. I have downloaded the driver from your list. Should it work now?

first off you have to unpack the driver you just downloaded.
if you just double click it windows should tell you it wants to unpack the folder.
allow it to do that to your desktop.
once unpacked open the folder and double click the setup icon
that will start the install of the camera.
No luck getting Next products Smart webcam to work,. Any other ideas?
yes i have a few ideas but as your not use to a pc that much this may prove a little hard but i will try and keep things as simple as possible for you.

i can try using the device id string to find the chipset inside that cam and in turn find another driver but i need you to follow what i am about to say.
you may have to print this out so you can read it and do it at the same time.

plug the cam in a main usb port then to find its device id string please follow this.
How to find a unknown device id string in windows.
click start , control panel , double click system icon.
click hardware tab, device manager.
double click the unknown device,
click details tab.
use the pull down menu select device id instance

note down the code windows is now showing and post it back here.

First of all thanks for your help.
I got as far as clicking on device manager but did not see anything that looked like 'unknown device' in the next window
was the cam plugged in at the time ?

it will only show as a unknown device if there is a problem if the cam was pluuged in and no problem was showing then it may well be installed.

if that is the case windows will list in under device manager

if you do above till your looking at device manager, look down device manager list and if you see imaging devices click the little + next to it and see if your webcam is listed.
I have done the first step (device manager) again. No 'unknown device' In the second step no imaging device, Is it possible that even though the usb is plugged in it is not making a good connection. I know it is getting electric because the LED go on.
this going to sound very silly but as your a novice at a pc i must ask.

has the computer had windows reinstalled at any point in its life ?
reason i ask is this.
if the motherboard drivers have not been installed windows might not see all your usb ports so if you plug the cam in to something windows does not know is there you would get the led's come on but nothing else would happen.

its also possible you have a faulty cam that can't be ruled out really without the cam being tested on another machine.
you may also have a faulty usb port again testing the same port with another device such as a printer or scanner should prove that port to be working or not
windows can't use what it can't see so something is wrong somewhere.


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