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USB to UART controller for windows 7
Hello, I have a cell phone samsung SGH-X526, with an usb data cable, I need the driver for this cable for windows 7, when I install it, the system asks for an USB UART controller, PLEASE anyone that has that driver for windows 7 Home basic, PLEASE give me information or send me that driver to lutobu@gmail.com.
PLEASE, I'll be very thankfull.
best place to find that driver would be samsung.
remove the battery on the phone and on the main sticker you will find the full model number of your phone.
enter that here to find any possible downloads
No, that page doesnt have that driver, please help me find that.
what sort of cable is this is it a usb to serial cable ?

or mini usb to main usb ?

can you please take the battery out and check that model number.
some phones can have two different model numbers on them.
they would be the common sold by number ( SGH-X526 ) and samsungs own number.
for example my x10 mini pro is also called u220i at sony
It also says
model: SGH-X526
Korean product
Hope this information says something to you.
also S/N: R5SP661223T
thanks for any help
don't know if thats made matters better or worse.
thats a spanish model its listed as " Teléfono Celular "

i can read spanish so i will have a look on the spanish site's and see if i can find anything to help
its also listed here at movistar

now movistar is my local phone company so i will contact them for you.
well i got a reply from movistar.
i have to tranlsate it for you but to cut a long winded story short they no longer support that model of phone

i think the best bet now would be to get that cable device id sting and i will try and find out what chip is inside that cable and if works under windows 7 or not.

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