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Can't install drivers
Hello Dave. You seem like a prodigy with computers so I decided to ask a question about my sound.

I recently downgraded my computer from Vista to XP Professional Service Pack 2 because it's just faster for me and I found another thread around this site with Google about going about reinstalling drivers for my computer.

I have an HP Pavilion dv9925nr. So many problems with this laptop hah.

Anyway, everything was going well until the audio drivers came up. I know I have a Conexant Audio due to remembrance from using the computer before. Any driver I try to install for it, the computer just keeps saying that it cannot find the Media device for the driver.

I'm stuck and I can't figure this out. I would love your help with this issue.
yes this tends to happen with the conexant sound.

have you loaded the microsoft UAA driver ?
that is needed before windows xp can read HD sound chips.

with the conexant drivers the self install never works on a downgrade they have to be forced in to windows xp using the add hardware wizard.
looking over my old post on this the sound seems to be the conexant 221 which is getting on a bit now and microsoft have their own drivers for that on windows update so you can try the following.

run windows update but do not install service pack 3 when it shows it to you.
click the show all other updates and bring the laptop right up to date.
keep a eye on the hardware section in windows update ( its in the left of the downloads list )
at some point it should pick up on the sound and give you the driver.

if it don't the most up to date driver microsoft have for that sound is version
and i have uploaded it to this post for you.
download it to your desktop then fully unpack the driver with winrar to a folder on your desktop.

to install it you must use the add hardware wizard in control panel.
follow the wizard till it gives you a list, select sound.
click next, windows will want to auto search don't allow it.
click you will choose the driver, click next
on the next screen click have disk, then browse to the unpacked drivers files, highlight the driver cab and click next.
windows will throw up a warning just tell it to use it anyway.

then keep clicking next till the wizard is finished and restart your laptop, with luck your sound will work.

Attached Files
.rar   Conexant - Sound - Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221.rar (Size: 718.75 KB / Downloads: 6)
I have installed the Microsoft UAA Driver and it says it's up and running. And I have tried Windows Update and nothing is popping up in terms of drivers so no luck there.

I'm a little confused on the Add Hardware part. I extracted all the files to a folder on the desktop but when I click Have Disk, all it detects is the Setup Information file and not the rest so nothing is continuing further than that.

Sorry for the confusion.
Excuse the last post. I figured it out and sound has returned! Thanks so much!
if your sound is now up and running its safe to update to service pack three.
the only reason why you can't update straight away is the fact microsoft screwed up the UAA support in the service pack
and never did correct it as the problem only really shows up with conexant and a few other c-media chips

when doing a downgrade you just use sp2 to get everything running then once thats done its safe to bring windows fully to date.
Ok my sound is up and running and perfect but sometimes, it'd just disappear after using the laptop for like 2 hours. Drivers are still there and all but sound is just gone.

I'm just wondering if you would know anything about this?
sorry i did not see this post till now.

if your sound disappears only to return a while later it could be a faulty sound chip on the motherboard.
i had this not so long ago with another member and we done everything possible and everything i could think of to get it running and it still refused point blank to work.

the only real test and your gong to hate me for this.
make a full disk image of your hard drive as it stands now, windows , programs the lot.
then blank the hard drive and reinstall vista for a while and see if the problem is still there, if it is then its a bad chip.

when your done testing blank the hard drive and load your disk image backup and go back to xp.

just for the sake of it make sure you have loaded the most up to date motherboard drivers, and updated direct x

did you upgrade to sp3 yet ?

Hello there....... as every one...... i have very common problem,which is driving me crazyEek.... Previously i was using windows 7 home premium 32 bit.all things seem to work right in there,but when i installed windows xp pro 64 bit,i got lots of problems anyhow i managed to solve except 1..... Pcfite
Every time i try to install conexant audio driver, setup scans for hardware, after a while it asks for click ok, then it says driver installation finished, but also indicates FAILURE......Nono I even tried to install it from device manager, but says error code number 10...... please help me...... Thank you
do you know what conexant sound card you have because i can check with microsoft for 64bit drivers.
most of them on the net are for 32bit.

one other thing comes to mind and that is HD audio support in xp, even windows xp 64 did not have built in HD audio support
so if you have not done so already please load up the microsoft UAA driver.
everything was going well until the audio drivers came up. NonoNonoNono

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