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carrefour webcam CWC10(C-159)
Hi All,

I bought a webcam identical to the picture in the link http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/coretac/pr...USB_WEBCAM

Unfortunately, it is not recognized either by XP SP2 or Windows 7.
I've already tried to change USB port and switch off antivirus/firewall during online update/search.

On the chip is written ARK3299FPFC1033. The ID in the device manager is


Is there anything else I can try?
Thank you in advance.

i will check up for you and see what i can dig up.
the site you linked to say's no driver install needed which means it should be a plug and play cam and the driver will come from windows update.

i have found the best way to get these cams going is by doing the following.

start your pc or laptop, shut down all firewall's and anti-virus, anti-spyware programs.
go online.
plug the cam in to a main usb port on the back of your pc.
let windows search online when asked.
a firewall and anti-virus can stop windows searching the correct way as they see the probe of the usb port as a attack.
so they block it.
with these programs shut down windows update can probe the cam and find out what it is and load any plug and play driver in its database.
ok done some checking this cam is indeed shipped driver free. its listed else where on my site as well as having problems but some members find it working with the windows driver.
so i would think its running a usb2 webcam driver from microsoft windows update.
please try my first post and let me know how you get on.
Thanks for your support. I tried what you posted but it
didn't work. The driver was not found after the automated online search.

Then I reinstalled XP. Now the camera is recognized but everything is

I'll try on another pc asap.
Maybe it's a hardware problem?
maybe not, a black picture tends to happen when the port is blocked by a firewall.
and i know this sounds pointless and silly but some people forget these cams ship with a lens protector cap and they forget to take it off.

they also need to be adjusted to windows and i have found the best way to do that is to open a im program such as skype or messenger and run the programs webcam wizard.
that sets the cam to full auto mode.

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