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My drivers wont work!
I just got a unbranded webcam home, and after ages of searching i found it.

This is the name:
Manhattan Webcam 500 (Product name: 460668)
And website(with the drivers)

Thing is, the installation says it can't find the webcam.

It's possible i got a diffrent version of the cam, but the only visual difference i can see is that i dont got any text on my camera.. AT ALL, i have looked everywhere except inside of i.

the only way to find out really is to try and call up teh cam's id string as see by windows.
how to do that can be found here.

a few things would stop this cam working even with the correct drivers.

a firewall and anti-virus both can stop the install of a webcam so at the point of installing a driver i would advise you shut them down.
a front usb port just can't give enough power to these cams they need a main port in order to get the full power.
these are the ones on the back of a pc just under the mouse and keyboard inputs
or the back ones on a laptop.

one other thing that can stop the install is your version of windows, alot of these cheap unbranded cams are 32 bit windows only and the older ones only support xp.
so if your running a newer version of windows or a 64bit version of windows they may not install at all.

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