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I got flag from windows saying to update some of my drivers.
Not sure if I should update or just leave them be.

Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device isn't working properly because it isn't compatible with this version of windows.

A driver for USB 3.0 host controller is available online.

Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Motherboard
what version of windows you running vypergt ?

gigabyte are bloody good when it comes to supporting their boards thats why i use them myself.

the marvell controller on that board is the one on sata 3 and supports raid faster then ports 1 and 2 which are intel based sata/raid.

if in doubt update the drivers direct from gigabyte themself's
that is version 2 of that board if your board is version 1 then this is the correct download list

as its a intel based board you can also check with them for a update to the INF file
click here

select chipsets, desktop chipsets, intel " 5 " series and then your O/S

Windows 7 Professional Sp1

not sure what version, but I think its 1.0
on the box of the mobo it says rev 1.0 though.

yep you have version one of that board.
I also went ahead and installed the latest audio driver but it doesn't have that mixer like the old one did?
Wait never mine I found it but my old one popped up automatically.
I assume I can trust the sources of that site since I got a popup saying it might not be a trusted signed driver?

Also I still get that message about a new USB 3.0 host controller driver is available unless I installed the wrong one?
I installed the last one on the list which was NEC. But it came up as Renesas Electronics?

Another thing was I installed Marvell RAID utility and a icon appeared on the desktop. I clicked it and it opens up a windows browser, though it said it might be an untrusted site and blocks it.
that is the correct usb driver, i will check with nec and see if they have anything.
do you know what the nec controller number is ?
everest should be able to tell you that.

you can unblock that Marvell RAID utility by the built in firewall, however unless you have two hard drives the same make and size connected to sata 3 i would just disable it in bios and device manager to free up the IRQ it uses.

in fact i would disable anything that your not using in the bios screen that free's up IRQ request that can used by other device's and speeds up windows.
so far i have not used or come across a usb 3 device, i guess they must be out by now but they are not main stream yet.
it takes a while to filter to new hardware bit like usb 2.

ah i just found out something of interest.
windows 7 64bit has no usb 3 support till service pack 1 is installed and then you have to use the ones from microsoft.

even under windows xp to windows 7 people are reporting the most up to date drivers are the microsoft ones so run windows update and grab what they have on offer.
Alright well that explains why because it never popped up until now. Since I installed sp1 of W7.

Though I clicked to download the latest and it sent me to Gigabyte website with the same USB 3.0 software I downloaded and installed. It was Renesas electronics USB 3.0.
i think i know what microsoft have done here.
they have got hold of the device id strings of the usb 3 controllers and added them to windows update so if windows update come across one of the id strings its supose to point you to the correct driver downloads.

now in your case it can get a bit confusing for windows the NEC uPD720200 host controller ( which is on your board )
i don't think is being made by nec direct i think it might be running a Renesas electronics design under the nec name.

from what i can find out that nec chip you have is one of the second Generation USB 3.0 Host Controllers.

they are now up to the third generation usb controllers.

make me wonder why most laptops are still being sold with usb2 support only ?
Thanks for the help. All thats left is that USB 3.0. I won't worry too much about it though. I did click and it led me to the Gigabyte site to the direct download of th USB 3.0 driver that I already installed oddly.
time to worry is when you get a usb3 device and as they seem to be thin on the gorund at the moment i would not bother that much about it.

just check with gigabyte every now and then as i will say this for gigabyte they do support their boards well and they do add new drivers when they get them from the thrid part chip oem companies.

I have used gigabyte from many years now and i can't really fault them not even on their bios updates.

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