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hello why is my web cam wont work everytime i open my computer . when i open or press the webcam it say no camera found.. so i had to unplug and plug the USB again of my webcam to make it working. and i notice when i browse the file my computer the webcam logo is missing what should i do?
sounds like your firewall or anti-virus is blocking the port on start up.

go in to remove programs and fully remove your webcam driver / software

restart your pc, when windows is fully loaded shut down your firewall / anti-virus and then reinstall you webcam.

restart your pc again and it should now work.
one word of advice, make sure your using a main usb port and not a front hub or a non powered hub as the webcam takes too much power, alway use your webca on the pc main ports which are on the back just under your mouse and keyboard inputs.

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