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old hard drive in old(other)pc
Hello again,
Now, maybe I'll have another try at this. To recap what I've done:
I've put the 3 year old emachine hdd into another machine which had its hdd removed.
Using the recovery cd, it appears that everything was going fine at re-installing the original xp and software that came with it.(the screen was showing the progress etc.) Then the message press any key to cont. and.....you guessed it, nothing more happened than before.
Could it be something on the motherboard?
With that "magic" (not) cd that I purchased, there are some utilities to test hdd of various makes, incl mine.(Maxtor) so I tested and there are no faults according to that.
I also phoned the helpline for emachine who said that there should be no problems doing what I am doing.
Any more thoughts?
high luispedro

how much memory does this new pc have ?

i remember from dz you said it was a p3 but i don't think you said how much memory is in the machine.

now what you may need to do is go back into your bios and reset the time and date.
thats a p3 so the bios default time and date will be will out of senc with today xp may not like that.
to do that just after your bios bleeps once push the delete key.
enter your bios on the first submenu enter it.

set the time and date

press esc and f10 when you finshed to save those settings.
and reboot the machine and try xp again.
it does seem like xp is installing up to a point.

now as the machine is not booting into windows i can't ask you to run a little program i use to find out what motherboard is in the machine so you will have to do it the old way.

with the case off look on the motherboard for a screen printed number.
look round the white pci slots the brown agp and the black memory slots for any numbers if you find any post them back here and i will see if i can find any info on that motherboard.
now the reason i need that info is this some early p3 motherboards that had 4.5 award bios and xp did not like that.
Hi Davey,
The mb is CUV4X-E, I 've had a quick glance at the user manual online, and I'm trying to understand it. I don't know why, but I tried to switch the pc on earlier on and it bleeps at me!!! without coming on properly. From the manual, it means that no DRAM found or detected! I think it bleeped once before last week, but started again after a few goes. Maybe that's why I was given the pc!!
When you say memory, do you mean the DIMM things? At the moment there is one 128 mb. (I also have another spare one I can fit) If you don't mean those, where do I find that info, please? I hope that it will start next time I try!
yup your getting a bios error bleep code.

next time it does it count how many bleeps it does before it stops and starts again.

let me know how many bleeps and i will check to see what the fault is.

if you think its the ram, remove it from the motherboard.
get a school rubber and clean the contacts of the ram.
replace it in the board.

if its done it before then stops for while it may just be dirt on the ram or seated badly in its slot.

128meg is enough to set windows xp up on but really you need a good 512 to get the best from xp.
I see a lot of stuff on google about updating bios, is that something I should be worried about at this stage? and how is it done on a pc without os?
By the way the bleeps mentioned above are continuous and about 1 to 2 seconds apart. I will clean the memory connections tomorrow and add the other one (if I can find it!)
don't worry about a bios update at the momnet if the board is unstable like it is you run the risk of lose-ing that board to a bad flash.

get the board stable first , try xp again after re-setting bios date and time and see how you get on.
Thanks Davey,
I will do that tomorrow.
It stopped bleeping, after I cleaned the connectors.
I changed the time and date, and re-re-re-installed xp from recovery cd, again apparently successfully but still no boot.
I shouldn't be clearing the RTC RAM in CMOS(what the hell does that mean!!!)and settings as described in the manual, page 21, (5)?
I will check tomorrow if the hdd settings appear correcly as the manual suggests that if the hdd already has os, the settings may not be correct and might need manual input.
if xp has now install you need to change the boot order in the bios so it boots from hd and not cdrom.

reset boot order to a,c, cdrom.

see if the computer now starts

all the ram settings would have got reset to full auto when you done that f1 to boot sometime ago so leave well enough alone.

try changing the boot order and see how you get on.
No, it still won't boot...
Maybe I'll try the hard drive in my pc at home to see if it works.
Can I have a primary and a slave hdd with different os?( xp & xp pro)
you can have more then one o/s in a pc and more then one per hard drive

i have a three way split in one drive thats windows me/ xp / vista

on the other drive i have 98 / xp pro

are you sure the hard drive ide cable is working in that new pc ?
it is possible that the ide cable can be damaged and that will stop the pc from booting.
cough, cough, you cough ME????:rolleyes:
I didn't get that(above)...
I have a spare cable and will try. I assumed that it was working, but it's worth a try.
i take it that joke went above your head :D

windows me is well known in the tech world for being a pile of poo poo
i still use it for some games but more then anything ref if someone ask a question on a o/s i like to go back and double check what i am about to say to make sure its correct.
cable didn't make it work. Maybe it's time to bury it..
Cheers for all the advice!
If you ever need advice on fiddles(violins, that is...) please feel free to contact me, as that is what I do when I don't try to make that bloody windows xp boot!
Are there any error being displayed when you try to boot XP?
Is it getting to the XP splash screen and then stopping?

Dave, do you think it might be time to try fdisk /mbr ? Can't hurt, what do you reckon?
i think the problem is in the emachines recovery disk.

i think what is going on is that its looking for a bios id string to finish the install or loading all the wrong drivers up for the new p3 that luispedro has

now one thing you can try and get away with it as you own the xp key from your old machine.

borrow someones xp disk the full disk not a recovery disk.
follow the install fully and format the drive when you get a chance.

when it comes to enter the product key enter your key not your friends

that is legal as you own the rights to xp under the emachines that you bought.

all else fails get a cheap copy of windows 98se and load that up.

oh 98se loads different to xp so if you go down that road let us know and we will tell you how to install it
Hi again,
Thanks for input, Biggles. When I try to boot, I get message that it wasn't able to boot for various reasons, maybe change of software or hardware(or something like that), and prompts me to start in safe mode, or safe mode with command prompt, another safe mode I think, and "start windows normally" but none seem to boot the hdd.
When I inserted the recovery CD, I was asked if I wanted to boot from CD, maybe I should try that. Is that when I should type fdisk/mbr? I think I tried to select the boot option about ten days ago , but was then presented with a black screen with, I think something like A:/ (but I'll have to check that..) so I didn't know what to type there and abandoned the process.,, But as I said the actual re-installing of the windows xp + original installed software seems to be happenning (according to the screen, and at the end of the process, it says that "you have successfully installed etc..., but it doesn't actually boot after that.) I never get anything that mentions xp when I try to boot)
On the other hand, I will try to borrow a windows xp installation disk as suggested(not sure where yet..) and try what Davey said.
biggles77 Wrote:cough, cough, you cough ME????:rolleyes:


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