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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li1718 - Vista to XP Home drivers

I baught a Li 1718 with vista and busy change it to XP. Reason, my daughter of 8 knows XP and the laptop was a gift. She struggle to understand the vista setup.

Li1718: Intel core duo T2350 MOBILE Processor, 533mhz, 1024 mb ram,160 gb sata h/d, wlan/lan/modem, dual layer dvd writer

I went onto the site and saw that you can find drivers for the change to xp home.

"Radeon Omega Drivers for Windows 2k/XP (version: V3.8.330)

I am now running XP from this laptop but:....

I can still see that 2 "devices" are not installed :

Do anyone know were I can find the drivers for those 2?

sm bus controller is part of your motherboard drivers.
now i am trying to find the spec for your motherboard chipset at fujitsu and they do not list what chipset is in that laptop.
do you know if you have a intel chipset or nvidia or ati ?

does the soundcard work ? your sound is listed as the ACL861 which is a realtek hi definition soundcard, i have those drivers here.

I can not see a modem listed in the limited specs on fujitsu website if you got any spec with the laptop when you bought it just have a look and let me know what it is.

i see fujitsu are doing the same as hp, toshiba and dell when it comes to downgrading they refuse point blank to help.
if i did not know better i would say microsoft is behind this stopping people from downgrading as vista is not well liked and microsoft know it.
Hi Davey6

Yes, the sound works fine. Wi-Fi works fine, DVD works fine.

I went tothe driverzone site and wi-fi to the net and tried to automatically pick up software for the "devices" (with the yellow exclemations) and saw the detail of those 2 devices.

* MODEM DEVICE ON HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO BUS = Motorola SM56 Data Fax Modem (I think version 6.11.13 ??? )


I'm not sure what chipset, but its a Intel due core cpu with an ATI display card.

Does this make sense?

This is all. I looked everywere, but no technical specs. not on a cd or on the box.

Amilo (Li 1718) with Intel Core Duo 1,86GHz Processor with Intel

Intel Core Duo T2350 Mobile Processor
(1,86GHz, 533MHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
1024MB RAM(2 x 512MB)
160GB SATA Hard Drive
15,4" WXGA screen with brilliant View
Dual layer DVD writer
Built-in WLAN/LAN/Modem
ok right lets see if everest will list what modem ( its the speakerphone part giving the error ) and chipset you have.

download everest from this link use the trail version not home as that is a core 2 cpu.

look in the left hand list for motherboard , click that , then look for motherboard again in the big box and click it.
you will have a lot of stuff listed as trial but thats not imporant, post back with every thing erverst tells you about that motherboard.

then go back to the left hand list call up the networking side and check out the modem everest should tell you what it is.
Hi davey6

Its a Intel "Yonah" CPU

The motherboard Chipset is shown "UNKNOWN"
Bios Type: Phoenix (03/14/07)
Adio Adapter: ATI SB450 - High Def.

I'm so tired of getting this sort out, maybe I must give and go back to that rubbish OS.
right you modem is not listed by name on the specs i just downloaded its just listed a mdc 1.5
now i have searched my backside off to try and find a driver for that under windows xp.
the only one i can find that might work for you is listed at dell.
have a read of this first , the driver is also listed in that page.

I am now going to see if i can hunt down what chipset is in that laptop. i have a feeling it may well be intel but i really need to make sure.
ok i am going to kick myself all round this room in a second.
i should have known this.
your onboard video is the ati express 200m.
well that is part of a ati chipset.
this driver should install what missing like sm bus controller.
Davey6. We got the "MODEM DEVICE ON HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO BUS = Motorola SM56 Data Fax Modem " from

This is the universal driver and it work.
I have that driver in the download section below its for all motorola's old modem chipsets.

strange , when i put in mdc 1.5 it did not come back as motorola , but if its working for you all good and well.

see if that ati driver sorts out the smbus error if it does you should be ok.
Hi Davey6

No it did not sort it out. Is it a big deal if its not working? Whats the purpose of that?

Thank you for your help so far. Its great and much appreciated.

sm bus controls the power managerment system in the laptop this maybe the lid switches and control switchs temp probes e.t.c
it is part of the main chipset driver set and should have installed with those drivers from ati.

have a quick go at this.

this may be enough for you to get that up and running.
i would also try the update driver but be online at the same time as that will search windows update.
Thanks davey6, I'll try that tonight.

thanks for all your help, much appreciated
Davey6, you are a STAR.

I tried the download for the sm bus controls (as suggested above) and it sorted out my last issue.

I'm now running a full XP Home on the Li 1718.

Thanks for the great help.

thats what i like to see a happy member, glad its all sorted out now.
i would burn every driver you have found for that laptop under windows xp to disk.
that way if you ever reinstall xp again you won't run into the same problems.
Hello, i got the same type of notebook, only i got 1.8mhz intel celeron in it.

Basicly everything is the same.

Could you post me a list of the drivers i need?

And also i want to use windows xp pro.

Last question, did the wireless button work?

Thank You
Ryatzu, could you start a new thread about your notebook? Put it in the "Others" section. That way it won't get confused under the second page of this older request. We would need the exact make, model number, other specifications. Hardware identities are in your Device Manager. Also download and run Everest to complete the hardware list -
thank you mmulder that is a more up to date uni driver then the one i have on site i will download it later today and upload it to site.
got that driver now its in the download section below listed as hi def DFV/Universal windows 98-vista

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