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ULi Sata HD drivers
Hello Davey,

I am trying to install Windows 7 Pro on an Evesham Vale PC with an AMD Athlon cpu but I can't find the correct drivers for Windows 7 anywhere.

I have looked on the nvidia website but found nothing.

Can you please help?
thats a pretty old pc jeff and windows 7 should have most if not all the drivers built in to the O/S

if your having problems with some of the hardware then i will need a everest break down report of the machine so i can check for driver updates.

you can give me the motherboard details from everest as well and i will use that plus any plug in cards you have added such as your video card, sound cards e.t.c

you can grab everest from here.

load that program up and run it, then click report, plain text
it will take a while for it to run its report, once its done click send in email. ( smtp mode ) to davesdrivers @ mail.com

or copy and paste that report in to a email and send it to me.
i will study the hardware and see what i can find out.

the main prroblem i can see is the age of the pc but that does not mean i can't check up for you.

is anything giving you a problem by not working jeff ?
i got the report jeff and checking it over now, looks like a right mix and match oem msi motherboard.

jeff one thing that stands out a mile you don't have enough memory to run windows 7.

windows 7 will eat that 1 gig all for its self and the pc will be slow as hell.

its a ATI chipset with a nvidia chipset sound, very strange never come across that before i will finish reading this report before i post back and try and double check what this report is saying.
ok that was almost too easy, your bios id string just gave away what that motherboard really is its a msi RD480 Neo2

Evesham Vale PC oem number is MS-7194.

now double cross that at msi and you get this board.

which going by the spec has one thing of interest listed.
down in the spec sheet it say's Audio

• Azalia link controller integrated in ULi® M1573 chipset
• 8-channel audio codec Realtek ALC880
- Compliance with HD Audio (Azalia) 1.0 spec

which means the HD audio controller is built in the southbridge but its using a realtek HD chip on the end of that pci lane.

a double check with msi show's no drivers listed for vista or windows 7 other then update drivers for the realtek sound
that would mean everything is built in to the O/S and it should run out the box drivers and install on its sata with no extra input.

i see on the report your still on xp at the moment but just out of interest i want to find out what sound card drivers are installed and see which ones windows are using.
if you click start , control panel, sounds and audio devices.
click the audio tab.
just see what is listed as default playback device.

I can't really see there being a problem with windows 7 other then the low memory and your using onboard video.
windows 7 just like vista is a pretty heavy o/s to run so it likes a good amount of memory and a good gpu.
it will install on the system you have now with no updates to your memory or video cards done but it will run like a pig

if you can update your memory to 2 gig and plug in a pci express video card.

your motherboard support 4gig memory max
if your not a game player but want all the windows 7 effects without a massive pricec tag get the nvidia 9600gt.
they are cheap to buy now even brand new on ebay and they don't draw too much power.

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