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When I was installing GX-270 graphics on my computer, all the drivers worked except the Graphics card.It says "The INF file doesn't contain the information about your system's hardware"please help me fix it!!!!
i would take that its the dell GX260 ?

if thats the case sometimes it will refuse to load the intel driver and only load the dell driver.
if its failed to load the dell driver then there are some things you need to do.

windows xp must haev a min of service pack 1 or 2 install for that driver to work.
direct x must be fully updated http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/...aspx?id=35

if it still fails after that it maybe because it has a stand lone video card that someone has fitted to the system and to find the driver for that i need to know what it is.

the dell standard video card is this driver


there is two possible upgrade's that come with that system both are ATI gfx
so you can also try the auto detect at dell listed here.

select auto detect my system tag.
after its done that they give you the option to scan the system for any updates

if your still stuck please let me know as i have another idea on finding what card is fitted but the above is the easy way out of doing a dell.

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