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Oem xp pro sp2 help
Hi i have a little problem. i paid for a oem edition of xp pro sp2 about 5 years or so ago. long story short i have my product keys, but i lost the cd i've been trying to find a iso for it, but nothing so far of any use. i appreciate any help
i fully understand why you want to download windows xp and it can be found on the net the problem is all the sites offering such a download are illegal

microsoft have never allowed such a full iso to be downloaded or they would have it on their own site.

sorry to say that i must stay within the law as i don't want to risk the good name of my site.
the only realy way to get a legal copy of windows xp is to buy one.
that sounds very simple but as microsoft have now stopped selling xp your only real choice is ebay for a second hand copy.
i had no idea thanks for the headsup.i'll try ebay. i really wish the stores like bestbuy still sold it
well you can blame microsoft for that one.
they pulled the plug on xp and will stop all support for it in april 2014

they want everyone on vista ( utter crap ) or windows 7

to be honest i still use windows xp myself.

i just wish microsoft would understand too many people are broke and can't afford what they are trying to push in the name of profit over Customer support.
guess thats one lession they never will get the hang of.

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