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Hi Dave,

Been trying to install XP on a system tonight but keep getting the error 0x0000007B.

After searching the internet i came to to conclusion it is to do with Sata settings in the bios. I am using a IDE HDD and Sata dvd rom.

I can't see any settings in the bios regarding sata apart from changing from IDE to RAID and if i do that my dvd drives is no longer recognised.

I am using a foxconn motherboard with pheonix awardbios v6.00PG.

Any Ideas?
need the model number of the board ste.
you will also get that stop code if the boot record of the hard drive has a virus thats trying to protect its self.

if that is the case download a windows ME or windows 98 start up floppy and format the drive under dos.
It's a 661m05-6Ls
if the hard drive is IDE and your dvd rom is sata then i would set the sata to ata mode.

format that hard drive under dos in case it has a virus
as that board is based on a older sis chipset windows should install unless your using windows xp orignal with no service packs slipped in to the install disk
there is no ata mode just IDE and Sata :(.... i have a maxator low level formater on it at the min will see what it does after that.

It wont even run mini xp from cd.

I just tried a different hard drive and got the same problem :\ I would say its the copy of windows but it doesn't even boot my mini xp from cd.

Do you think the board may be faulty? as i got the system to fix as 80% of the time it BSOD on boot up but with a different code
may be a memory fault have you done a memory test on it ?
no will do now, just tried installing vista and got 0xc0000005


thats half way through is that bad news?
doa fully memory test and you can try linux mint as well.
if anything is going to load it should be that.

also do a full reset of the bios.
remove all power and the battery allow to drain for a few moments and restart and load its defaults.
I swapped the memory and tried again no
Luck also cleared cmos. Does that Linux boot from
no its a iso and you make the disk and then it boots the full o/s from the cdrom
thats how i access the net these days to keep microsoft nose out of my files
I've managed to get win7 on it, will do for now :)
use windows 7 and do a full burn in test on the hardware
for possible faults.
looking at that fail picture of the memory test you have a bad sim or a bad socket on the motherboard.
could even be a bad memory controller, as it was crashing before you got it you need to try and pin down where the fault is and the burn in test should help with that
Hi dave can you locate the chipset driver for me? sis964 graphics are real jumpy
sis 964 is the southbridge that has the sata controller e.t.c
its the north bridge that has the built in video card.

northbridge is the 661sx and you can download them from here.

they are listed under IPG graphics as 66x however windows 7 should have them built in as they are old

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