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crashed yet again
can someone plase tell me what this stop code means

blue screen crash


it crashes my machine so hard i have to remove the bios battery to get the motherboard to come back on

i have asked microsoft and suprise suprise they don't know
WTF they wrote windows 7 they must have seen that code before ?

spec wise its not a bad machine
core 2 E8600
on gigabyte X48T top of the range motherboard
6 gig of matched DDR3 ram
nvidia video card
xfi sound card

I have never reinstalled xp in all the time its been on this machine ( about 2 years ) for the simple reason its never crashed not even once.

And for the love of god microsoft don't just lump IE9 in to windows auto update your supose to give the user the choice.

i have wasted 5 hours on this today and microsoft just can't even answer thier own crash codes.

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