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Foxconn 661M04-MX-6L
Hi dave,

I need your help again. I re-installed windows XP pro on my desktop. The motherboard is Foxconn 661M04-MX-6L and again, i don't have the drivers... hehe :)

Thanks in advance and God bless
that motehrboard is based round the sis 661 chipset.

This motherboard is not a direct match to yours so please don't try any bios uodates but most if not all the drivers will be the same as yours.


click the above link and then click submit it will take you to the best choice i could find at foxconn.

if it fails go to http://www.foxconnsupport.com/download.aspx

then select.
hi dave,

i tried both links but when i click on "view details" to download the file,it wont go thru. its just keeps on loading... but what i need is the driver for the onboard audio and video (vga)
well you could grab the gfx direct from sis.
click here.

sis do not allow direct linking but select the following
windows xp

igp graphics drivers

sis 66X/76x

that should get your gfx back up and running.

foxconn list that other board as having realtek AC97 sound and thats is a very common chipset on older motherboards.
you can grab that direct from realtek here

should get you out of trouble.
Thanks! im gonna install this drivers when i reached home... Hope it works :)
hi Dave... the Video card driver works perfectly but not the sound card... and its also not detected in device manager, is their any other sound driver for this type of motherboard? thanks
right download everest ultimate trial from here.

install and run that program.
in the left hand list click the little plus next to muti media
then click pnp/pci audio
let me know what everest tells you..
i took a stab at it being a realtek as that was on the otherboard so maybe yours has a different chip and we need to find out what it is.
when running everest, do i need to be online? because as of now i dont have internet connection at home
no need to be online it will work just as well offline

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