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acer n1996 motherboard
Hi Dave

Got a desktop here that the owner has kicked due to it running slow Slap, no display on screen at all and no post beep on switching on machine, removed the ram this gives a constant post beep but still no display. i have since removed the board and inspected it for damage and re fitted removed cpu and re fitted, still the same i do not have a graphics card to fit the machine to see if that works but i doubt it will as there is no post beep does that point to the motherboard being faulty?

Hope your well!

Have you got a PSU tester? You need to check to make sure he hasn't buggered the CPU rail. You could try swapping out with a known working PSU.
An old crappy PCI video card would also work. Always keep an S3 Trio for such tests.
Check to see that the idiot didn't break the 15 pin D connector on the motherboard.
Quite possibly knucklehead broke the processor when he rebooted the machine.

If you do get it running, make sure you do a good check of the HDD as that would have been spinning when excessive acceleration forces were suddenly applied to it. If you look at the HDD specs you will see that the "G" tolerances are very low when the drive is turning as opposed to when it is stopped.
hum i can talk from experience on my own part here, my temper plus a pc in my way, smash bang and crash.

biggles has given you some ideas there and i would aggree with them
but would add the following test,
remove the bios battery fully, this allows a full clean bios default start up all the time your testing.

remove the video card and power on the system should just sit there and bleep at you
like wise removing all the memory will make the bios bleep none stop
and again remove the cpu will cause just one long bleep
if it does that then the bios is doing its post test's
a pc thats been dropped or kicked or in my case when i am angry dropped kicked there is a very real risk
of some power caps popping off the motherboard.
they are not well soldered there days so look for loose ones
also check the spare usb header pins and audio out pins in case they are now crossed over this would cause a short and the board won't power.

to be honest the biggest problem with loosing your temper on a pc is breaking the motherboards back.
the heatsink on top of the cpu weighs alot and it can snap the PCB in so many different ways.
and biggles is correct there is alot of weight in a psu and no room for things to really take a good drop so that does need to be checked as well.

I have a temper and i have broken my pc in so many different ways when i loose my temper and out of experience i can tell you 80 to 90% of pc's that have been kicked, punched, knocked over, or dropped in the sea ( smile ) don't ever work again.
under my house there must be a pile of rusting seagate hard drives, so many of those have gone straight out my window.

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