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ZS211 web cam on Windows Vista x64

I am running windows vista x64 on intel dual core x64 processor with 4 GB of ram... recently I got Zeb 480WC Eagle's Eye web cam... by default it installs ZS211 driver. It works fine on my Windows Server 2003 SP2 on a 32bit machine. On x86 Vista machine, it installs fine and works fine.

On x64 Vista machine, the driver installs and cam is recognized but the images are not shown properly. They are displayed choppy and does not render properly in AMCAP and Yahoo/MSN.

I had tried the drivers given in post but none has resolved my issue. Can anyone please let me know how to resolve the issue?

Thanks a ton in advance.

the problem is the " AMCAP " part of the driver.
i have this cam installed on my own vista 64bit with no problem using it with messenger.

have a read of this.

what ever you do DO NOT USE THE SELF INSTALL part of the program as that will install AMCAP , install the driver from device manager.
let vista pick the best files for you

i found that is the best way with these cams under vista after i ran into problems myself.
I am not able to get Vista to recognize that there are drivers in those folders. I have extracted almost all the drivers that I could find under various folders and asked Vista device manager to manually install the driver from the folder and also scan the sub-folders, it came back with message that no driver found...

Also I have tried manually to give each folder to the Device Manager but still no drivers recognized.

Cannt we remove the AMCAP part of driver? like if you can let me know which files are part of AMCAP, we can try removing them manually... dont know if it would work or not... but we can just give a try...
To be exact... the ZS0211 driver works fine (on Win XP, 2003 SP2, Vista x86) which I downloaded from but does not work on Vista x64....
Here are the details of ZS211.SYS file which at makes the web cam visible to vista and tells that yes, it is there... but still problem with the image...

File Description: Video and Capture Device Driver
Type: System File
File Version:
Product Name:
Product version:
Copyright: ZSMC. 2007.
Size: 1.42 MB
Date Modified: 4/13/2007 4:46 Am
Langauge: English (United States)
I am sorry to say that if vista does not see the driver when you try to install it from device manager its not going to work for you.
the only other thing you can try and do is load the driver ( full package ) with the compatibility wizard
that way you can tell vista to use xp sp2 mode.

i think this little cam has done really well , its worked so far with every o/s i have tried it with. 98 right up to vista.
what i will do later is strip my little cam down and see if i can find out what chipset cmos is inside it then see if i can find another driver
for you to try.
ok stripped my cam to check the chip.
its a Z-Star which is made by a company called Z-Star Microelectronics

chip number in my cam is zs-0211 LF

I am sorry to say that Z-Star do not offer any downloads but they have a contact page.

now i would take the two screws out your cam and note down its chip number, its the main chip in the middle of the control board.

then send them a email and ask them about a 64bit driver.
i will see what else i can find on this company as well just in case they have another site that does hold drivers.
Thanks for the quick replies... I will check what is on my cam... I am suspecting its the same ZS-0211 as the same driver is working for this cam and is able to recognize it...

Thanks a ton :)
I am having exactly the same issue.. Did you get a solution?
yeah same here :S
sorry guys no support for that cam under vista 64bit.
I managed to get it working.
Rebdk, please share the steps you took to get the camera working. I am sure there will be a great many members (and lurkers) who would appreciate your proceedure. Thanks. Grin
(08-07-2008, 04:41 PM)rebdk Wrote: I managed to get it working.

Please can you post how you got that damned cam to work under vista?
I equally have a Z-Star ZS - 211 LF chip.
(08-07-2008, 04:41 PM)rebdk Wrote: I managed to get it working.

could you please share how you got it working on vista x64? I've tried all i can seem to think of and the stupid thing still won't install...

please email me here:

I would really appreciate it.

wow i would love to know how you did that as well. i've been reading along and trying every step known to man and still can't get it to work. my email's rossmoney at gmail dot com. thanks a bundle..

i would like to know this as well , i tried everything under the sun to get this cam working with a 64bit o/s and it refused each and every time.
help me pls, im having same problem with vista 64 too
(01-22-2009, 04:03 AM)sagittaru Wrote:
help me pls, im having same problem with vista 64 too

I posted this a few months ago (maybe it's in the wrong spot).
It's still working for me.
This setup file worked for me with Vista Business x64 SP1. I found it in a torrent.

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