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Portable computer
hum old idea comes to mind here, look for a hard drive caddy that fits the cdrom slot.
some laptops support a second hard drive in the cd bay, might have to contact dell to see if its supported on your model as thats not the sort of info that give out these days ( tight gits )

you loose the use of the cdrom while its in there but handy if you want to backups e.t.c
Finally got my laptop running on a ssd, much much better now. I was looking for one of those bays, I'm not sure if they do have any for my model though.

I ran the ATTO test for it and it it very fast, faster than my desktop ssd, though I have a strong feeling that its due to the SATA controller being pretty weak on my desktop motherboard.

Results went up as high as 410820(410MB) write and 547827(547MB) read

final results being
396MB write and 547MB

if it wasn't for my desktops sata controller i would have similar if not higher speed ratings.
yeah i think your suffering from the affect of getting the new controller on a motherboard before it was fully tested.
thats one of the reasons why i stopped rushing out the door to get new hardware the second it came out.

i am now old enough to learn that everything brand new is not always that good, give it a few months to iron out the bugs then read the test reviews before i get anything.

that laptop must have a sata 3 controller to get that sort of results even i would be pleased with that.

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