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ebay-USB 30.0M 6 LED Webcam Camera Web Cam With Mic for Desktop PC Laptop
This works just fine on SKYPE but there is more to this webcam and I want to know how to get the drivers for it.
[Image: 220969523854?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkpar...9523854%26]
sorry forum is not showing that image.

if the cam has a name and model number can you please list it along with what windows your running.

most new cams are plug and play with the driver being downloaded direct from microsoft, if your cam came shipped with no driver disk there may not be any updates but i can check for you
I got it from china, no box just the foam taped all up with no paperwork at all. I got it for $9.16 and al it says on it is Megapixel 10x digital zoom f=3.85mm there is no other writing on the outside.
I can't copy and paste here but they still are selling it and here is the link
yup thats a driverless cam, the driver its running is from windows update.
thats normal these days.

I can try and pin down its chipset for you but i need its device id string.
please have a quick read of this.

i can check its device id up and see if i can find any info for you.
may prove fruitless but i don't mind having a dig about on the jap sites.
I've got the same webcam, just opened it, and the IC reads as EtronTech eSP268A6 P124608 H6N55.11

Hope it helps.
I did hope it was not going to be a Etrontech chip.

Etrontech are a thrid party company that do not sell direct to the public they only sell direct to a company.
their main site can be found here.

as a thrid party company they don't offer downloads of any sort, not even developer drivers are available.
sorry to say if this is the case for donald and he has the same chip in his cam then the windows driver will be the best you can find.
the only thing that would help would be the device id string.
the first part of the device idstring should tell you who made the cam, however some cheap jap companies leave this pointing to Etrontech
so you end up straight back where you started.
Seems like we're out of luck, then.

Here's the hardware ID's


well that buggers that idea.
that idstring came straight back as the EtronTech SP268A3

looks like the company that used that chipset don't want to be found.
in this case i am sorry to say the windows driver is really the best one you can hope for.

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