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The Mouse is Dying
An interesting article in local online news site. However with the mouse no longer the pointing device of choice, the device screens need to be toughened up substantially. My daughter goes through a protective cover on her Galaxy S3 every few months and it is a pain tring to get the bloody thing on without dirt and bubbles. (Tablets are even worse)


iPads, stolen, err, "inspired" by Star Trek. (Who knew Jobs was a trekkie) Perhaps Gene Roddenberry should be credited with Intellectual Property rights for the tablet devices.
They have been saying for years that the mouse is dead.
don't you remember they said the same when the trackball came out
but i refuse to give up my keyboard and mouse.
i use a pen in such a way that i end up shoving the ball into the ink
i use my keyboard in the same sort of way i hit the keys with force.
i have always done it, i guess its growing up with the older click click keyboards that
never did work unless you made dam sure you pushed the keys.

when i use a touch screen i do tend to be hand fisted and i do break them given enough time.
the ipad is thin and nasty how long do you think one of those would last in my hands ?
then of corse i have butter fingers living with me that drops laptops for no good reason i don't think a ipad is going to last long in his hands

the ipad is going to cause more problems then it sloves, won't be long before the doctors say you have ipad neck where people are looking down and not straight at the screen.
then you will find out the damage its doing to people fingers and joints e.t.c
a keyboard used incorrect can damage your fingers and your back and neck so what is going to happen when your looking down at your feet all day long ?

would like to see any pc that would catch my voice at the moment lol lol
i can't speak at the moment a blessing in disguise to some people as can't answer back.

All the young readers of the site must think oh his a old git now, your are correct i am. the ipad is nothing more then a touchscreen bolted to a motherboard and a expensive motherboard at that.
its just another passing fad that will die when someone comes out with something bigger and better.

I won't ever use anything with the words " Apple " on them for reasons most people would not understand and i won't repair them.
i have already seen about twenty or so broken ipads this year alone, thin cheap rubbish that apple are way over charging for.

sorry rant over Grin

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