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AVG 2013
Just installed AVG 2013 on a laptop and it has the same/similar interface that Windows 8 has. Looks bloody terrible!! I must be old coz I like my pulldown menus and not this stupid ribbon shit MS put out and certainly not this Metro touch screen interface crap.
installed that a while ago and wiped it straight off the pc again.
hated it, slowed my boot up and was always popping up with its pc tune up tools

at the moment i am testing zonealarm firewall + anti-virus in one package.
no slow boot up times but as its the free version it does like to pop up a buy me now ad every day.
pretty standard interface on it as well.
found it much better then AVG but you can shove norton i won't ever use that again not after i found out it auto backups twice per day and if you don't stop it you end up with a full hard drive.

mind you norton is now a microsoft product so what do you expect,
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 or is it MaCafee i forget which one, is owned by INTEL and the last time i tested both of those they were top heavy system grabbing.

trying to find a anti-virus that does just that and nothing else is pretty hard these days, all try and be spyware killers, firewalls and backup programs in one.
the only free anti-virus that is just anti-virus that i know of is the microsoft free one but that has its limits as you would expect.

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