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Yahoo website
Is yahoo main website down? It is my default web page on my web browser and i am receiving "no data received" on my google wb and connection closed by remote server on my opera wb.
nope its working mate i just opend it.
are you sure its not being blocked by your country ?
it happened 2 weeks ago. i can't no longer open that site. i am not sure if there is a connection with cyber law imposed by the Phil government lately. Although, it was suspended due to numerous individual factions that petitioned that law.

i will give u feedback after i contacted my internet provider.
try to reach yahoo by bing / google search.
that might send it round a different route of ip address's before it reaches you.
oh and before i go sticking my head in a server ( don't ask )

ping yahoo and see how far you get

click start, run in the command box type
ping www. yahoo.com

windows vista / 7
click start in the search bar type

and then the box should open
here's what i got...

Pinging yahoo.com with 32 bytes of date:
Reply from bytes=32 time=262ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=300ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=428ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=266ms TTL=47

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum - 262ms. Maximum = 428ms, Average = 314ms
you can ping yahoo with no drop outs so you should be able to view it.

clear your net history, cookies, everything.
eusing cleaner is the quickest way to clear all built up files and hiden cookies that don't want to be deleted.
ok..will download it later.. however, davey, i hv the same problem with my old powerbook g4 via wifi. even i have different computer, i still got the same problem.

only that main/home page of yahoo i can't access. but their yahoo news as well as yahoo mail works fine on both desktop and laptop
you get some strange errors.
is it only doing by wifi or by lan as well?
if its just wifi reset your router and check for a firmware update.

also check its wifi encryption rate, sometimes they can be a little too high for the wifi card in a device to decode a big page such as yahoo.

a few other things spring to mind.
java support and adobe flash player, both are needed really with yahoo
i got same problem on both wifi and lan connection.

i already sent msg on my internet provider but still got no reply. funny bcoz, my internet provider is my current employer that handles customer and technical service. i already elevated the problem directly to the helpdesk. and gave them my ping results as well...

i am on my 5 days seminar on different site but once i got a chance to visit their site, i will directly talk to their Team Manager.

I believe this problem is between their server and yahoo.
because of where you live it might just be sensored.
my be something in the home page they don't want you reading.

sounds silly but the USA is after the same sort of powers and if they get them then i think we can kiss the net goodbye.
i can't think of anything worse then the USA being able to limit what people can and not read.

sadly its not just the USA after such powers even the uk wants them but don't have the balls to tell the public what they are doing as they know it will cause a massive back lash.

i am one of the very few people that have seen the net grow up when i first went on the net in 1992 there was limited information nothing to like it is now.

i tell you trying to connect to the net back then on a Amiga dial up modem at Fax speeds was not fun.
took for ever to load anything.
i s/w a team manager of the technical support and i told what happened.. they reset my connection and after i got home yesterday.. i also reset my router/wifi by turning it off for 10-15 seconds then i switch it on. and finally, that resolves the problem. i was right, the problem is in their end, it's between my internet provider and yahoo home page site. i guess, yahoo is breaking it up with my service provider.

thanks for being my mentor as always davey! :)

btw davey, can u do me a favor? i tried to member my wife as well as my son here in forum. unfortunately, not sure with this, their id and/or our ip address was included in a spam list. i tried to email them 2 - 3 weeks ago but still no response from them.

here's the id of my wife... smcatblue and my son's id spy_killer_pain. both of them had their respective email address and perfectly working.
both usernames are not listed in the forum software.
if they are getting kicked straight out at the point of the registering i would think its the
stop forum spam plug in i have running.
check their ip address with these people.


if they have had their ip cloned or the email address cloned it going to be a problem and not
just with my sites with every site that is using that plugin.

likewise i had to ban gmail, and AOL from the site as they have both been cracked by spammers
and still managed to get on here and post spam even with that plugin running.

i bet that problem comes back and bites you in the arse, because of where you live i think they are playing about with sensor's to ban
some content from the net.
you might hear the age old we are trying to protect childern from porn used once or twice but what they are really doing is sensoring
everything that everyone is viewing.
From the CMD prompt C:\ type ipconfig /flushdns and see if that helps. It shouldn't since you are getting the correct reply to your ping but who knows.

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