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zs211 integrated webcam driver
hi i had windows 7 home edition and my hard drive so i brought a new hard drive and downloaded windows 7 64bit ultimate and my integrated camera stopt working and then i got this message

Solve a problem with your webcam
Your webcam has stopped working properly because a compatible driver isn't available for this version of Windows.

The model name of your webcam is ZS211. This device is distributed by many different computer manufacturers.

To find out if an updated version of your webcam is available, contact your device or computer manufacturer.

iam not a computer person could anyone help please
if its built in i would take that its a laptop ?
if it is please turn it upside down and let us know the make and model number as printed on its base sticker.
now i do have one driver that may help you with that cam under windows 7 64bit
its packed in a winzip file so needs to be unpacked before you try and install it.
you can download it from here listed as ZS211 64bit driver

if your unsure on how to deal with a driver it may be worth you having a read of this post i done for windows 7

if you get stuck just ask and we will try and tell you what to do.

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