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Help Needed on windows XP drivers
Hi guys,

I'm trying to downgrade my OS from Vista to XP but i'm having problem locating the right drivers to work with my laptop. My laptop is a HP V3416 .Could anyone please help me... Thanks
i am sorry to say i just checked your laptop specs at hp.
now you have the same problems as most of the other people with these laptops.

please have a read of this post for all work done to date on this problem.
possible drivers are also listed in this post.

you will have to force some drivers to work so please print out how to install a driver at the top of every topic page.
if you follow the how to install a driver with no setup exe you may find some of the drivers listed will work for you.
another bit of advice i can give you, i just done a sony laptop.
download all the vista drivers from hp or if you have them on a recovery disk try them.
i found ones for the built in card readers did install as they are a muti driver, same as blue tooth and even modem. again you may have to tell xp where the files are but once you done that anything in that folder that xp can use it will.
i have tried the solutions posted in your link. Thanks. But nothing seems to work, it prompt some message "unable to detect media" ..... Any other suggestions
try the drivers listed here.
this is for a model before yours that was shopped with xp but had the upgrade option when sold.

these drivers should work on your laptop.
Thanks for the help. Will update you soon to see if it works
i tried the drivers. i still can't get the audio to work.
which way did you load the drivers ?
the microsoft driver must be loaded before the conexant one.
if you load them the wrong way round they won't work
i install the microsoft driver first.
would it work if i uninstall both of the things first .. and do it again? cause i have tried numerous times.... without uninstalling the previous 1.Thanks
the trouble with not un-installing drivers before installing new ones is you can end up with driver tossed salad in the computer where it has mix and matched files all over the place.

remove all sound drivers you have tried to date from add remove programs then use system restore built in to windows xp and restore the pc back to a point before you started to install any drivers. ( it will blank any ones that work as well )
then try doing a clean install of the drivers.
if they fail to work remember to remove them before moving onto a new set.
don't give up with the self install with the drivers.
unpack them then try device manager as well.
one of the above drivers should work your sound.
I tried everything.. but it doesn't seems to work. Appreciate your help on this. many thanks.
May i know what kind of device normally would sound card appear under ... in the device manager. I got a whole list of device that were prompt error , there are a few unknown device, pci and etc etc
i tried to install the audio driver manually via device manager.. by clicking each of the device with a yellow exclamation mark. It will then prompt error could not find the driver for the hardware specified ... even i point it to the folder containing the driver.... please help thanks
a sound card thats not installed in device manager should show up as pci mutimedia audio device.
now if windows does not understand your motherboard it will just show up as pci device.

can you look on the bottom of that laptop for the full model number it should say V3416 followed by two more letters.
let me know what that is i can then see if i can find out what yoir motherboard main chipset is.

no driver will install without the motherboard drivers installed first.
one other thing you have installed xp with service pack 2 ?
have you run windows update over and over till its fully up to date ?

its odd that not one single driver is installing anywhere for anything on that system, this could well be down to the motherboard drivers being incorrect or not installed.
my hp model is a V3416 AU. i just couldn't get the audio driver to work. The others works well..... Thanks a lot for the help
right i have done a bit of searching on your model number.
its a AMD based cpu with a nforce chipset built for INTEL what a mix and match that is.
au means its oz version.

now i have found the audio drivers for another model at hp but for a oz version with AMD cpu.
give this set a try.

now one thing you can try.
if the bluetooth is working shut it down while you install these drivers
also right click on the driver and select run as ........
when you do that you can log on as system admin to install the drivers.

if you have xp 64bit and not 32bit please let me know as all the driver i have found are for 32bit version of xp
Thanks, dave.... things are working well now....
glad things are working now. Grin

it just goes to prove that if you look hard enough and long enough it is possible to downgrade these laptops even if the likes of hp, toshiba, sony don't want you to.

i still think deep in my heart that microsoft is behind this. they want people to use vista so they make it really hard to go back to xp.

keep all the drivers that you found to work for you on one disk.
if you ever have to install xp again you will not have all this trouble.
Yeah.... i'll agreed microsoft is behind this. Cause it could take another 1 or 2 years before most of the softwares in the market to be compatible with vista. But microsoft wouldn't want to wait till then for the sales of vista to shoot up. it's a microsoft strategy but i doubt it will work well. because still to many softwares are based on XP.
Just wanted to echo my thanks as well........

I have been searching and searching for this, and after installing the ".cab" file I was finally able to get it to work.

"We love it when a plan comes together."


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