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assistance required
I bought a 6LED webcam from eBay and despite downloading, what I condidered the appropriate driver configuration, the webcam sits still. perhaps it is something I am doing wrong amd I would like to know if anyone could help me to get this webcam up and running. below is the description[/quote]

VE4A Red Webcam Web Cam 6 LED 300K for PC Laptop+ Mic USB 2.0
hi maverick! In our experience, we find some USB ports in PC FRONT PANEL can not work properly because of plenty use of front USB ports and wearing out, so if this webcam can not work correctly when you plug it into front panel USB port, please plug it into BACK USB ports. Some PC/laptop still uses 1.1 usb and this webcam should be in 2.0 usb port. pls let us know if that solve the problem or not then will give you other alternative
sorry a little unclear on your post.
do you mean you get a picture from the cam which then freezes and not moves ?

or is it a face tracking webcam that follows you.

a slow or dragging picture would be more down to the speed of your pc or running to many programs at once.
or it can be caused by your anti-virus software monitoring the cams pictures and checking for a virus.

just for information, a front usb port can not provide the power needed to run a webam.
almost all of them are wired to a header on the motherboard.
its always best to use the first two usb ports on the back of a pc as these have the best power output of any socket.
Greetings from Sri Lanka,
first of, I have to thank, both, penkaye and davey6 for their assistance untoward to me. when I purchased a VE4A Webcam, it did not come with a driver CD. I tried a site suggested by the seller but that did not work. I use a 2.0 USB port and I also tried switching computers - but the story was the same. I cannot use the webcam because I do not have drivers for same. please help me to get my webcam up and running by suggesting what drivers to use and where I could get them from

i think we will need to find out what chipset is inside that cam
please have a read of this post and find that cams ID string i will try and use that idstring
to find the chip and possible driver.

could you please post back with that id string and what version of windows you are running.

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