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Samsung R510 will not start up and is stuck in recovery
When I start my Samsung R510 a grey window titled 'Phoenix SecureCore Setup Utility' pops up and then disappears.

Then the black 'Windows Error recovery' screen comes up with the two options of 'Start Windows normally' or 'Start Windows Repair (recommended)'.

If I choose 'Start Windows Normally' the screen just goes blank and if I choose 'Start Windows Repair (recommended)' then the 'Samsung Recovery Solution III' screen comes up. It doesn't change and so I do not know what to do. Any help please would be amazing. Thank you!
it sounds like your computer is trying to recover its windows image and failing.
when that happens your only real choice a clean install of windows.

go in to your bios and tell it to doa full recovery.
it should be one of the F keys at startup and i would think its F4 or F11 that should start the full recovery off.
if it still fails you may have a problem with your hard drive its self or a hardware fault in the laptop
a blank , black screen just before windows starts up could mean a bad video card.

two other options you can try
as soon as you switch the laptop on push and keep puishing the F8 key up and down till you get the windows submenu
you can try starting in last known good config
or start in safe mode

see if the laptop starts that way.
Either a blank screen or the recovery screen still comes up and it just gets stuck there until I turn the computer off. Do you think maybe I need a new hard drive? or re-install windows? Thanks
try a reinstall of windows.

during the setup windows will give you the option to quick format or full format the hard drive.
please choose the full format.
the reason for saying that is simple any bad sectors will stop the format and crash the machine.
if that happens then you will need a new hard drive.
if the format completes and windows starts its install then i would think the hard drive is ok.
good information .... :)

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