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ALCOR AU3880 BL WebCam chipset Windows 7 driver

I appear to be the latest victim of the 6led webcam - although I've mixed things up and purchased mine from Amazon.

The primary chipset on this cam reads ALCOR AU3880BL-A55. All the references on this forum are to the AU3802 and AU3830. I have triple checked the tiny printing and can confirm that it does read AU3880.

The stock usbvideo.sys driver on win 7 does pickup the camera and make it available for use. Sometimes. I am working on a project that requires multiple cameras connected simultaneously, and I am hoping a more specific or stable driver for this chipset would yield better results.

Any advice?

Thank you!!!!

shaheeb r.

ps: as a first time poster, let me say, it has been *years* since i've come across a forum this useful outside of Stackexchange. Excellent work Dave.

ok been researching this chip right back to japan to see what i can find out.

its listed as video compliance chip with OS support UVC standard (Window 7, VISTA, XP/SP2). compliance chip with OS support UVC standard.

in other words its shipped without a driver and it will pick up and run on the windows driver under the microsoft plug and play system.
its main video output is not any better then the older chip at VGA 300K 640x480 30 fps
can support a higher res of QXGA 3M, 2048 x1536 but only if its fitted with the correct sensor.

sorry to say that the windows driver is the best your going to get for this cam.
most of the newer cams that carry the windows logo on the box are plug and play.

if you have more then one cam under the plug and play system it may well be windows getting confused

i am pleased you find the site useful.
Davey, thank you very much for the prompt response.

Given your deep experience with cameras and drivers, is there a device you would recommend for a multi-camera setup? I am working on a simple frame-grabbing application with low-ish cost USB cameras. Something like 6-8 cameras capturing at VGA (640x480) or ideally at 1024x768. Framerate is not critical because I'm just grabbing single frames.

I've even pursued the PS3Eye cameras (http://wiki.ipisoft.com/User_Guide_for_M...figuration), but unfortunately, i am unable to get that driver to actually work in software other than their own.

If I can't find something soon, I'll be forced to look into the arm-and-a-leg categories of the machine vision cameras.

I'd be grateful for you advice Davey,


interesting reading.
would seem those sony cams are using a muti layer sensor from OmniVision Technologies
its these people that now do the iphone sensor's and cams but they are only a oem company so
won't offer support to joe public such as ourself's

might be worth emailing them but not sure if they will answer or send you straight back to sony.

sony won't answer that much i do know as they class those cams as old so won't support them.

if your looking for bang for buck cams look at the cheaper logitech range.
when it comes to cams and support logitech are about the best.
i would say creative as well but they are dam slow in updating their drivers.

myself i have a logitech cam had it for years and it still works just as good as the day i bought it.
ok i did pay alot for it as its one of their face tracking cams but the drivers work with every software and not just logitech's own.

might be worth thinking about the lower end something like this.
just re-reading your post.
if you want 6 to 8 cams do you have that many usb ports without using any front headers ?

the reason i ask is because the usb ports in the front don't tend to get enough power from the motherboard header and it can cause problems with the cam's not being detected or working at all.

like wise a low watt psu in the pc is not going to kick out enough ampage to run all the cams.

usb hubs that you plug in yourself to gain a extra 4 to 8 usb ports can't do the job you want as they are all trying to shove information in to that single usb port its plugged in to.

if i think of anymore possible problems that you may face i will let you know.
Hi Davey,

Good thought, but I've spent a lot of time on the bus/bandwidth side. I've purchases a mobo with 3 independent USB root hubs/controllers. 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0. 4 USB3 ports and 4 USB 2 ports on the back of the cabinet, and 2 USB2 ports on the front panel. I've also purchased a PCI card with 2 independent root hubs on it, but haven't had success with the onboard ports to start moving on to the additional ones on the card.

I've now started messing around with USBlyzer to figure out if I'm running into bandwidth consumption issues, but have a lot to learn about reading USB jargon.

In anycase, I still don't think its a bandwidth issue. For example, with the PS3Eyes: i see them listed individually in device manager. But in apps like AMCAP or TinCam, I only see one video device listed in the available capture devices. With the ALCOR web-cam I originally asked about, its hit or miss. I can sometimes see 1 camera, both or none. When I have that issue, the problem is consistent across device manager, as well as at the app level like AMCAP.

Your thoughts?

Thanks Davey,

By the way, in all my belly-aching I neglected to thank you for the lead on looking at the Logitechs. I think I may have one of those C200s as well. The trick will be to hook up a couple of these and see if its still a party.

Incidentally, do you have any experience with developing drivers? Or perhaps you know or work with someone who does?

Thanks again Davey!

hum, that amcap program is a old dos based program so i am not over suprised that it can't see all the cams.
if all the cams came shipped with that program then its the program that is at fault and not windows as its a very cheap preview and it can't tell you have more then one cam connected

to be honest that program never was and never will be any good.

I did use to make my own drivers but i stopped doing that a while back
getting all the input output range correct under vista was a bit too much for me so i stopped doing it.

dongem use to be a good program that supported muti webcams but its been discontinued buit you can still download it from here and try it.

try searching google this way

use muti webcams
use muti webcams as a security system

you should be able to find some free software that can see and use all the cams

with all the usb ports you have i don't think you will have a bottle neck anywhere unless you don't have enough memory or the cpu is below 2.5gig
windows 7 just like windows vista before it is very system greedy if you find your system is slowing down with all the cams connected do a dual boot system of windows xp and windows 7

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