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Black screen on my sony vaio pcg-6p2m
Good day mr dave,, I noticed when I switched on my perfectly working sony vaio dis morning I could only hear the windows log on sound but the screen remained black but when you flash a light on the screen you can see the desktop of the system,, its working but the screen remains black until you flash light on it before you're able to see the contents of the computer.. Pls ur help is needed asap... Thks
if the laptop is working normally and you can see the images on the screen using a light then its the backlight in the screen that has blown or the screen inverter which kick starts the tube thats blown
there is nothing that can be done about this apart from replacing the screen or interter.
its not uncommon for them to flicker first before they go as they are a tube light and sometimes when they are warm they do come back on only to fail again when the laptop is cold.
Thks for d reply. I switched it on this morning hoping for a miracle,, the backlight comes on now,, the system actually loads the bios screen up to the windows start up page then it keeps loading continously on pressing the space bar I heard d windows logon sound but the screen is still loading and its stuck like that till I restart it and it still does the same thing
try doing this

just after you switch the laptop on press the F8 key up and down till you get the sub start menu for windows.
scroll down and select start in last known good config

if that don't work do above and select start in safe mode

if it starts in safe mode, go in to system restore and restore the laptop back to the last know working backup.
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