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Windows 8
I'm really regretting installing Windows 8 on my Dell.

Yes, I know everything new takes a bit of learning but now I can't even Scan or Print off my HP Photosmart Plus because I can't find the App that controls it!

Tried going to the Microsoft Store and downloading the App but it just spins.

Tried Google and that won't work either.

"Installing the HP Scan and Capture App in Windows 8"

Anyone have a link to a site that will actually work?

Then I thought about getting rid of W8 totally but don't see an "Uninstall" for it.
unless you have a touch screen windows 8 is a complete waste of time and money.

i refuse point blank to install that crappy O/S on any of my machines.

the only way to get rid of it is to do a clean install of your old O/S
I'm at the point where I will gladly re-do my laptop to install Windows 7 again!

I absolutely HATE Windows 8!!!!!
windows 7 is much better then windows 8 on a laptop.
windows 8 is for mobile devices such as tablets and phones
as a main stream O/S on powerful laptops and desktops it don't work.

I have yet to see my first desktop with windows 8 installed
it will happen sooner or later when some one buys one ask ask me to downgrade it
Hey Guys well i think that win 7 is better the win 8 like its features etc.Thanks!!
windows 8 as vista and windows me before it has been a mistake.
even microsoft have had to admit that now.
removing the start icon in windows 8 was a massive mistake.

windows 7 is nothing more then a fixed version of windows vista with the eye candy removed
and a touch screen program added.

micosoft main problem is they rush out a product and don't fully beta test any version of windows.
if they bothered to take notice of people such as myself that do sit for hours beta testing then they would have
much less of a problem with new versions of windows.
the amount of hours and reports i submitted for vista beta was a complete waste of time.
i knew back then windows vista was a horror and it still is today.

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